Private Fundraising

Guidelines and Ways of Giving have been established and approved by NC State University's Office of Institutional Advancement and Office of the Treasurer; CALS Dean Jim Oblinger; CALS Associate Deans Ken Esbenshade, Jon Ort and Johnny Wynne; CALS Executive Director of Development Keith Oakley and the CALS Business Office pertaining to procedures for recruiting private philanthropic support. To "register" a departmental prospect on the University-wide prospect tracking system, please call Chris Cammarene-Wessel at 5-7678, or send her an email. [To register a prospect for 4-H Youth Development or the NC Cooperative Extension Service, please call 919/515-2000.]

To assist you in recruiting additional private funds for your programs and projects, we have put together the following information on North Carolina funders:

If you are a member of the faculty and staff of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and are interested in approaching any of these foundations for support of your programs or projects, please call Chris Cammarene-Wessel at 919/515-7678, or contact by email.

The information contained on these pages is public, however, we do not provide fundraising assistance to outside organizations unless involved in a College partnership. Non-College employees are welcome to contact these funders directly for updated information.

Click here for private fundraising guidelines for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and staff

Click here for philanthropic foundation information (addresses, deadlines, web links and contact names).

Click here for information on corporate philanthropy.