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Lowes Foods pledges support to 10% Campaign


Lowe’s Foods Stores, Inc. of Winston-Salem has signed on as a major partner of the 10% Campaign, a North Carolina initiative designed to encourage consumers to spend 10 percent of their food budget on locally-produced foods.

College names sustainability coordinator

Danesha Seth Carley

Dr. Danesha Seth Carley, a 2006 doctoral graduate of the North Carolina State University departments of Crop Science and Plant Pathology, recently was named coordinator for sustainability programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She is the first person to hold this new position.

Schulman recognized as mentor

picture of Dr. Michael Schulman

Dr. Michael Schulman, William Neal Reynolds Professor and Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, has been honored by the North Carolina State University Sociology Graduate Student Association with its Lifetime Mentorship Award.

YOU DECIDE: Do we have different economic problems?

Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.

The economy faces cyclical and structural problems. Mike Walden explains the difference and why measures designed to strengthen one part of the economy may actually weaken another part.

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