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Hillsborough farmers get start at Breeze Farm

everlaughter farmers

Will Cramer is the successful farm manager behind Ever Laughter Farm just north of Hillsborough. He and his business partner Sam Hummel, are among those who got their start at Orange County’s Breeze Farm enterprise incubator. New farmer programs will benefit from support of the 2013 Farm to Fork Picnic June 9.

Tractor gives students access to latest technology

Picture of Curtis Powell, Lake Wheeler Road Field Lab superintendent, and Dr. Gary Roberson, associate professor of biological and agricutlural engineering, and Massey Ferguson tractor

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students will be able to learn on the latest equipment thanks to the generosity of a farm equipment manufacturer and a farm machinery dealer.

Economist sees N.C., national economy improving

Dr. Mike Walden, economist and William Neal Reynolds Distinguished professor at North Carolina State University, sees both the national and state economies growing and adding jobs over the next two years in his summer 2012 Economic Outlook.

The dean’s ice cream is . . .

Picture of Dean Richard Linton and Dr. Joe Zublena serving ice cream.

The votes have been counted, and Dean Richard Linton’s official Howling Cow ice cream is . . .

PHHI researchers enhance combat rations with fruits, vegetables

Picture of Mary Ann Lila

North Carolina State University is working with the U.S. Army to create functional food ingredients from fruits and vegetables that will be used to develop healthier, more portable combat rations for soldiers.

YOU DECIDE: What’s behind China’s economic boom?

Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.

Some economists argue that the overhaul of the Chinese economy in the last three decades has never been matched in human history. Mike Walden explains how the Chinese economy changed and the issues, both internal and international, those changes have raised.

Save the Date for CALS Tailgate 2013!

reszdcals tailgate-640

There’s going to be an End of Summer Party on August 31 at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Tailgate 2013 in Dorton Arena.

Bittersweet: Bait-averse cockroaches shudder at sugar

Sugar isn’t always sweet to German cockroaches, especially to the ones that avoid roach baits. In a study published May 24 in the journal Science, North Carolina State University entomologists show the neural mechanism behind the aversion to glucose, the simple sugar that is a popular ingredient in roach-bait poison.

Postdoctoral program aims for greater faculty diversity

Picture of Dr. Terrence Gardner and Dr. Owen Duckworth

When Dr. Terrence Gardner was hired, he became the first African-American postdoctoral researcher in the College in nearly a decade, which is why the Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship was created. The fellowship provides outstanding scholars from underrepresented groups with an opportunity that might not otherwise be available.

Fred Gould named to Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources

Fred Gould

Dr. Fred Gould, William Neal Reynolds Professor in the Department of Entomology, is one of two North Carolina State University faculty members named to the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, a major program unit of the National Research Council.

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