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Ecology and wildlife

Andrea Lucky

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Experts

Air and climate

Dr. Sanjay Shah

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Experts

Crop Breeding

For crops ranging from blueberries to wheat, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University has been internationally recognized for its plant breeding programs for more than 60 years. These programs are still strong and among the best in the world today. For the last 30 years, innovations developed in the […]


With abundant cold-water resources in the west and a long coastline to the east, North Carolina is a natural for aquaculture, and aquaculture is, indeed, among the fastest growing segments of N.C. agriculture. Dr. Tom Losordo, professor of biological and agricultural engineering, puts the total N.C. aquaculture farm gate, processed product and feed value at […]


North Carolina is the nation’s top sweetpotato producer. The state’s growers produce 600 million pounds of sweetpotatoes annually, nearly half the sweetpotatoes produced in the U.S. In 2010, sweetpotatoes were worth more than $173 million to the state’s growers. Agricultural research and extension programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State […]


Corn has emerged in recent years as one of North Carolina’s more important crops. Twenty years ago, North Carolina grew around half a million acres of corn each year; today that number is around a million acres. While the value of the crop obviously varies with the market, corn is typically worth well over $300 […]

North Carolina’s AgAdvantage

Together, agricultural research and extension programs spark economic activity and create jobs, making North Carolina agriculture and the state’s rural communities more prosperous.

Path to a health-care career can start at N.C. State

Anita Flick advises two students interested in health careers.

CALS has long provided that grounding for those who wish to pursue post-graduate education for careers in human medicine, nursing, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy or physical therapy.

Well-Being Experts

In addition to our work related to health, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences also has varied research and extension programs designed to improve people’s well-being in North Carolina and beyond. Because agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations, we have a longstanding agromedicine partnership with East Carolina University. We also have specialists […]

Preparation of Health Leaders Experts

When it comes to the future of health care in North Carolina, nothing matters more than preparing the people who will lead the way. CALS’ efforts touch people even before they get to college: Our 4-H youth development program introduces children of all ages to the fourth H — health — through projects, workshops and […]

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