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Closing the loop

From left, in the bioreactor system team’s lab are Dr. Jim Levis, engineering post-doctoral associate; Amanda Karram, engineering graduate student; and co-investigators Dr. Ranji Ranjithan, Dr. Amy Grunden, Dr. Heike Sederoff and Dr. Joel Ducoste.

Biologists team with engineers to develop economical system for producing biofuels from algae.

North Carolina 4-H gets students charged up about bioenergy

Wilson County middle-schoolers follow the 4-H curriculum in conducting hands-on experiments on biofuel sources.

Interest in bioenergy has soared as concerns about petroleum’s limited resources and its environmental impact have risen. But what exactly is bioenergy, and what does it mean for America today and in the future? With its latest science-based curriculum, North Carolina 4-H is helping middle-school students answer these and other timely questions.


Drs. Heike Sederoff and Amy Grunden

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Environmental Expertise: Energy

Designing jet fuels of the future

Drs. Heike Sederoff and Amy Grunden

Using micro-organisms able to survive in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, two CALS researchers are working to turn plants and algae into oil-producing factories efficient enough to help solve the problem of the world’s diminishing petroleum reserves.

Biofuels efforts to be showcased Sept. 14

The Biofuels Field Day takes place at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station in Mills River.

The latest N.C. State University research related to biofuels will be showcased at the 2011 Western N.C. Bioenergy Field Day. The event takes place Sept. 14 at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station in Mills River.

Project fuels interest in canola

Cooperative Extension is part of the Fuel the Force initiative

When leaders of a project designed to provide homegrown, renewable fuels for the military and to strengthen Eastern North Carolina agriculture needed help finding the right source crop and testing it locally, they turned to N.C. State University and its N.C. Cooperative Extension Service for help.

BAE partners with DOT to grow bioenergy crops on highway rights-of-way

Plots of canola like this are being grown for energy.

Along the state’s highways, canola crops and sunflowers are being grown for energy.

Bioenergy field day set for Sept. 30 in Oxford

Dr. Ratna Sharma-Shivappa is among the presenters at this year's N.C. bioenergy field day.

Hear what N.C. State University scientists have to say about some of the most promising N.C. crops for bioenergy during a field day set for Sept. 30 in Oxford.

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