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Pest management

Emily Meineke

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Environmental Expertise: Pest Management

Emily Meineke: Scaling up research on tiny pest

Emily Meineke

Will climate change make scale insects more abundant? That’s one of the questions Ph.D. student Emily Meineke is trying to answer as she studies these tiny — and abundant — pests.

In entomological knowledge, N.C. State is number one

Picture of members of the Linnaean Games winning team

When it comes to entomological knowledge, N.C. State University students can wave oversize foam hands with extended forefingers. In late March, a five-person team made up of entomology graduate students won the southeastern branch, or regional, competition of the Linnaean Games.

NCSU entomologist receives regional IPM award

Hannah Burrack

Dr. Hannah Burrack is honored with the Southern Region IPM Center’s Friends of IPM Future Leader Award.

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