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Pest management

Emily Meineke

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Environmental Expertise: Pest Management

Land and water

Darcey Martin and R.N. Harris Elementary School students.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Environmental Expertise: Land and Water

Environmental health

Dr. Heather Patisaul

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Environmental Experts Robert Anholt William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Biology and Genetics 919-515-2273 Studies oxidative stress and neurogenetic networks in an insect model as a way to understand genetic and environmental factors related to the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease James Bonner Associate Professor Environmental and Molecular Toxicology […]


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Environmental Expertise

Bringing science to life

CALS life science researchers are rapidly advancing our understanding of plants, animals, people and the world they live in.

It’s an exciting time in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, a time when researchers are rapidly advancing our understanding of plants, animals, people and the world they live in – and a time when this knowledge is generating innovative solutions to some of the greatest challenges that face our state, nation and world.

Cleaning up fuels of the past

Dr. Michael Hyman

While N.C. State University researchers work to create next-generation fuels, Dr. Michael Hyman examines the opposite of a fuel’s lifecycle, studying how microbes in the soil can degrade gasoline components. And that work has important implications for cleaning up spills and protecting groundwater from contamination.

A two-way street

Vickie Wilson

Just a few days after Vickie Wilson defended her Ph.D. dissertation in toxicology at N.C. State, she was conducting postdoctoral research at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, thanks to a cooperative training agreement that gives scientists-in-training more laboratory experience while providing the EPA with more research muscle.

Thoroughly modern maladies

Heather Patisaul

Manmade chemicals have become nearly ubiquitous. They are found in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. But are they safe? It’s a big, complicated question with implications for human health, the environment and the economy. And it’s a question that many CALS life scientists are addressing. One of them is Dr. Heather Patisaul.

Right as rain

Rain garden installation

When it comes to lessening the effects of water pollution, residential and commercial rain gardens are becoming increasingly popular in North Carolina, thanks in large part to N.C. State University and its Cooperative Extension Service.

Cooperative Extension helps Currituck ‘go green’ with garden, stormwater ponds

Gloria Putnam

In Currituck County — the farthest northeastern place you can go in North Carolina — people recognize that environmental stewardship is key to the economy and the quality of life. To help lead the way, N.C. Cooperative Extension is incorporating environment-protecting practices on the site of its 3-year-old county center.

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