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JCEP recognizes N.C. Cooperative Extension Facilitation Team

People talking at a table.

The Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) has selected the N.C. Cooperative Extension Facilitation Team as one of two recipients for the JCEP Excellence in Teamwork Award and as a presenter for the 2015 JCEP Conference in Las Vegas.

Why inflation might not jump

There appears to be heightened concerns about inflation today, according to host Mary Walden. Some point to the tremendous quantity of new money the Federal Reserve has engineered as the source of their fears, but others say, ‘not so fast.’ There may be a lingering break on inflation. She asks her husband, NC State economist Mike Walden, “What is this break?”

How can communities revive?

Host Mary Walden recently spent time in New York City with her husband, NC State economist Mike Walden. “We did a fascinating tour of Brooklyn and learned how some of that burrows neighborhoods have experienced a dramatic economic renewal How did they do it?” she asks.

The rise of the consuming class

The world economy has been changing dramatically in recent decades. Many see some of the changes as negative, with foreign competition increasing and jobs moving from our country to others. Host Mary Walden asks her husband, NC State economist Mike Walden, “Are there other changes ahead that may be more positive?”

Dalton Proctor, former State 4-H Leader, National 4-H Hall of Fame member, has died

Dr. Dalton R. Proctor

Active in 4-H from childhood, Proctor held several leadership positions in the organization, culminating in his tenure as State Program Leader from 1984 until his retirement in 1995.

National 4-H Salute to Excellence names Micki Earp Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

Micki Earp

Earp of Taylorsville has been a North Carolina 4-H volunteer for nearly 40 years.

Falling income from working

New statistics just released show that the proportion of households’ financial resources from working is at a thirty-year low, host Mary Walden says. She asks her husband, NC State economist Mike Walden, “What kind of resources have taken up the slack?”

Marriage and income

Finding a life mate is both exciting and fun, but also sometimes difficult, says host Mary Walden. “Has anything changed economically speaking in the search for a soul mate?” she asks her husband, NC State economist Mike Walden.

You Decide: Is Small the New Big?

Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.

The advantages of bigness in companies may be changing, says Dr. Mike Walden. And the most significant game-changer helping small firms today may be technology.

Resource revolution

Economists wonder where the “next big thing” will be. That is, what will be the next industry that will employ people and create growth? I understand some people say it may be an industry that creates a positive out of a negative, says host Mary WaIden. She asks her husband, NC State economist Mike Walden, “What is it?”

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