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The 2015 economy

It’s traditional for economists at the beginning of a new year to give forecasts for growth, jobs, inflation and other key economic measures. North Carolina State University’s Mike Walden outlines what he sees in his crystal ball for 2015.

You Decide: How do we pay for infrastructure?

Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.

When it comes to infrastructure maintenance and improvement, it may be a matter of pay now or pay later. Mike Walden explains why.

Profit’s role in the economy

As the economy has improved, business profits have risen. But is this good or bad? North Carolina State University economist Mike Walden responds.

Pacific power

The United States sits between Europe and Asia, but traditionally our focus and ties have been in Europe. Now many say our future focus and ties will be in the other direction – to Asia. North Carolina State University economist Mike Walden explains why.

Still the farmer’s best friend

Extension Agent Kevin Welch

Nowhere is NC State University’s reach into every corner of the state more evident than through the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

You Decide: What will 2015’s economy look like?

Dr. Michael Walden is William Neal Reynolds professor of agricultural and resource economics at N.C. State University.

Dr. Mike Walden highlights the key barometers of the economy and where he sees them headed in 2015.

Christmas spending forecasts

It’s that time of year again. People are in the midst of their holiday shopping. For many businesses, this is a make-it-or-break-it time. North Carolina State University’s Dr. Mike Walden explains how economists think this holiday buying season will shape up.

ESP tours environmental farming center during annual meeting

Group at the farm

Cows, calves and hoop houses were among the attractions at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, as North Carolina’s Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi toured the center last month. The tour was part of ESP Xi Chapter’s annual meeting, held over lunch at the extension center in nearby Johnston County.

Making a Difference: Food production

The world population is projected to reach 9.5 billion by 2050. Between now and then, we will need to produce more food than we have in the previous 10,000 years. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty members are hard at work examining the critical questions and developing innovative solutions to the grand challenge of feeding the world.

Steward of the Future: David Tarpy

David Tarpy

“If it weren’t for honeybees and other pollinators, we wouldn’t have about a third of everything that we eat,” explains Dr. David Tarpy, a North Carolina State University entomologist. In this video, he explains his research on the genomics of honeybee queen development and their reproductive potential. It’s research with important implications for the future of food production.

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