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NUTS for Nutrition

Harrison Riggs, Alice Raad and Musa Koroma

Student volunteers help low-income, low-resource parents and their children learn about the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating through a program called Nutrition NUTS. Developed by Suzie Goodell, assistant professor of food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences, Nutrition NUTS (which stands for “Nutrition Understanding Through Service”) focuses on obesity prevention.

Better berries for a better economy

Jeremy Pattison is working to bread a better strawberry for North Carolina.

The N.C. Strawberry Project is a joint venture of N.C. State’s Plants for Human Health Institute at the N.C. Research Campus in Kannapolis and Johnson & Wales University, an internationally recognized culinary institution with a campus in Charlotte.

Breakthrough functional food technology to be showcased

International Workshop on Anthocyanins

For the first time publicly, N.C. State and Rutgers University will disclose information about a major new development that allows health-protective anthocyanins and other fruit components to be naturally concentrated in a shelf-stable, low calorie, highly nutritious and good-tasting food product.

Choice Cuts

Gregg Rentfrow

The Carolina Meat Conference in Concord brought together more than 250 players in the meat industry from 13 states.

10% Campaign tracks $5.7 million in sales

10% Campaign logo

The Center for Environmental Farming Systems’ statewide initiative to stimulate economic development, create jobs and promote North Carolina’s farms and fisheries announced that more than $5.7 million in local foods expenditures have been reported by local individuals, organizations and institutions participating in the campaign.

The 4-H Cookery: Divine Swine

4-H'er and her Grill

The smells wafting through the air at the North Carolina 4-H Cookery competition were nearly enough to break down a vegetarian. The parents and friends wading through the aromas were struck by the intensity of each scent as they wandered towards one booth for a sample… and then on to the next. Those smells were of pork, turkey, chicken and beef – all prepared in different and exciting ways by kids and young adults, ranging in age from 9 to 18, for a panel of judges.

N.C. State gets boost for cabbage research

Fresh cabbage at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh, N.C.

Using an extensive cabbage germplasm collection given to N.C. State University by Monsanto Co., scientists expect to develop new and improved varieties to increase demand for cabbage and expand production in North Carolina.

Team recognized for helping farmers transition from methyl bromide

A group of North Carolina State University faculty members has been recognized for helping farmers stay in business during the phase-out of a popular fumigant.

10% Campaign signs grocery store chain

10% Campaign event

Piggly Wiggly, “America’s first” self-service grocery store has added another first to its list: the first grocery store to pledge to buy more foods from local producers as part of its commitment to the 10% Campaign.

Foegeding honored with Haines dairy award

picture of Dr. Allen Foegeding

Dr. Allen Foegeding, William Neal Reynolds Professor of food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences, has been honored with the 2011 William C. Haines Dairy Science Award.

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