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Flood-damaged homes need special care to prevent and remove mold

Mold can cause health problems, so people who live in homes that were flooded during Hurricane Irene should act quickly and carefully to prevent or remove mold. North Carolina Cooperative Extension provides recommendations for helping homeowners faced with mold problems.

Dealing with stress in the wake of the storm

Families who weather particularly bad storms such as Hurricane Irene are likely to experience stress. Recognizing the signs and taking steps to cope with them are key to reducing the impact, say North Carolina Cooperative Extension agents and specialists.

Farmers with weather losses can get answers to tax questions online

The recent heavy weather from hurricane Irene that has affected many parts of the Eastern United States has caused damage to agriculture, rural and coastal businesses. In many cases the damage to farms, rural businesses and private homes qualifies as a casualty loss due to the unexpected damage. A resource to help individuals and clients of professional tax preparers relative to casualty losses and other tax issues is available from the website

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