Meat Goats - Health Requirements

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Each individual state sets the health requirements which must be met by animals coming into their state. For example, animals transported across state lines into North Carolina require a certificate of veterinary inspection completed by a licensed and accredited veterinarian. This certificate is completed by a veterinarian at the origin of the shipment. State veterinarians determine the requirement for such entry. The major purpose is to safeguard the health of animal populations. These state requirements are subject to periodic changes; therefore it is impossible to provide a current set of requirements of each of the states.

The Voice Response Service (VRS) of the Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health is available to individuals wanting to know what health papers and tests are required to transport livestock to another state.

The VRS is a 24-hour, 365 days a year (including holidays) access system that allows users to retrieve information. The retrieval system is accessed by simply dialing 1-800-545-8732 on a TOUCH TONE PHONE.

Once connection is made with the VRS, a simulated human voice announces a series of menus. The user can listen to emergency notices which may be in effect or select regulations pertinent to a specific state. FOR EACH SPECIFIC STATE, THE STATE VETERINARIAN PHONE NUMBER IS GIVEN IF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON CURRENT REGULATIONS OR PERMITS ARE NEEDED. Additional menus provided by some states allow the user to select specific categories of import requirements. This system is very user friendly and offers everyone the opportunity to know ahead of time what tests are needed to transport animals, semen and embryos across state lines for purchase, breeding or showing.

Because import requirements vary in each state, selections may be different from state to state. State and species codes are listed below:

Postal State Codes
Alabama AL 25 Nebraska NE 63
Alaska AK 25 Nevada NV 68
Arizona AZ 21 New Hampshire NH 64
Arkansas AK 21 New Jersey NJ 65
California CA 22 New Mexico NM 66
Colorado CO 26 New York NY 69
Connecticut CT 28 North Carolina NC 62
Delaware DE 33 North Dakota ND 63
Dist. of Columbia DC 32 Ohio OH 64
Florida FL 35 Oklahoma OK 65
Georgia GA 42 Oregon OR 67
Hawaii HI 44 Pennsylvania PA 72
Idaho ID 43 Rhode Island RI 74
Illinois IL 45 South Carolina SC 72
Indiana IN 46 South Dakota SD 73
Iowa IA 42 Tennessee TN 86
Kansas KS 57 Texas TX 89
Kentucky KY 59 Utah UT 88
Louisiana LA 52 Vermont VT 88
Maine ME 63 Virginia VA 82
Maryland MD 63 Washington WA 92
Massachusetts MA 62 West Virginia WV 98
Michigan MI 64 Wisconsin WI 94
Minnesota MN 66 Wyoming WY 99
Mississippi MS 67 Guam GU 48
Missouri MO 66 Puerto Rico PR 77
Montana MT 68 Virgin Islands VI 84


Cattle 1
Goats and Sheep 5
Horses and other equidae 2
Poultry, hatching eggs and comercial birds 4
Swine 6
Pets 3
Semen and embryos 7
Other species or information 8


The voice instructions of the VRS system are very easy to follow. This system has proven to be very helpful in providing accurate information on requirements for the movement of animals. So plan ahead and call 1-800-545-8732.

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