Meat Goats in Land and Forage Management

Table 3

Table 3. Comparison of length of time required to clear brush from pasture andcosts of six treatments used in this experiment.All treatments comparedfor a 3-year period a
Method Years needed to clear pasture
Cost b ($ha -1)
Goats 1 33
Cutting followed by goats 1 133
Herbicide followed by goats c 1 593
Sheep 3 262
Cutting followed by sheep 1 133
Herbicide followed by sheep c 1 593
a Adapted from Magadlela et al. (1995).
b Estimated present value, assuming a pasture rental income of $36 ha -1 yr -1 and an interest rate of 10%. Since the initial investment costs are common to all methods of brush clearing, they are excluded from the computations.
c Herbicide costs for aerial spraying based on power company estimates.

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