Meat Goats in Land and Forage Management

Table 4

Table 4. Proportion of forage classes and herbage mass for the four pasture types a
  Pasture Type b
Forage class IP UP ULS UHS
Legume 26.4 3.2 2.0 0.0
Forbs/browse,c% 12.5 19.5 28.0 53.8
Grass, % 53.9 50.9 39.8 41.6
Dead, % 7.4 26.6 30.2 4.6
a Adapted from Prigge et al. (1985).
b IP: improved pasture; UP: unimproved pasture; ULS: unimproved, low scrub; UHS: unimproved,high scrub.
c Browse was present with forbs on ULS and HS pastures only.

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