Meat Goats in Land and Forage Management

Table 13

Table 13. Influence of grain supplementation on growth of goats a
Item Hay Hay and Grain
Grain Intake, lbs/d as fed - 0.25
Total Intake, lbs/d DM 1.65 1.76
Daily Gain, lbs/d b .065 .091
Daily Gain, g/d b 29.3 41.3
lb feed/lb gain b 25.6 19.3
Cost of production
$ feed/day .075 .090
$ feed/lb gain b 1.16 .99
$ total/lb gain ($.05/head/day fixed) b 1.92 1.54
a Adapted from Poore and Green (1995).
b P < .05.

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