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Lecture Syllabus

The syllabus provides a summary of lecture topics, lab activities, assigned readings and assignment due dates. Friday morning lab topics, meeting locations, and field trip times and locations are included. The syllabus is subject to revision during the semester. Check the course web page for updates as well as announcements and details about labs and field trips.

Date Day Topic Chapters Readings Notes Deadlines
1/6 M

Course Overview
Why study birds?

1/8 W Sampling and Detection Probability  

How You Count

Measurement Error

Rosenstock et al. Auk 2002

Detection Probability

Detection Flow Chart

1/13 M Classification, Evolution, Origin of Birds 1,2,3

4Winged DinoSummary.pdf


Chapters 1-3

1/15 W

Flight - Anatomy, Form and Function



Chapter 4

1/20 M Holiday        
1/22 W Snow Day        
1/27 M Flight 5

Power Curves and Bird Flight.pdf

Frigatebird Flight Performance.pdf

Chapter 5

1/29 W Snow Day        
2/3 M Physiology 6  

Chapter 6a

2/5 W Feeding I 6  

Chapter 6b

2/10 M Senses, brain, vision 7

Birds and Chili Peppers

UV Vision in Birds.pdf

Chapter 7

2/12 W Vocalizations 8   Chapter 8  
2/17 M EXAM I        
2/19 W  Annual Cycles 9  

Chapter 9

2/24 M Migration 10

Albatross Data Loggers.pdf

Migrants and Stable Isotopes.pdf

Stutchbury Science 2009.pdf

Migration double breeding.pdf

Chapter 10

2/26 W Orientation, & Navigation 10

Cochran 1.pdf



Migrant Memory.pdf

Chapter 10

First scientific writing assignment


3/3 M Social Behavior 11 Grubb Winter Flocks.pdf

Chapter 11

3/5 W Mates and Breeding Systems 12,13 Bowerbird Illusions Chapters 12,13  
3/10 M Spring Break    


3/12 W Spring Break        
3/17 M Reproduction 14   Chapter 14  
3/19 W Nests and Incubation 15  

Chapter 15

3/24 M Parental Care Brood Parasitism Cooperative Breeding 16 Mafia Cowbirds Chapter 16a  
3/26 W Growth and Development 16


Chapter 16b

3/31 M EXAM II        


Demography 17

Ricklefs 2000.pdf

Chapters 17&18

4/7 M Populations 18

Martin Clutch Size.pdf

TREE Clutch Size.pdf

Second scientific writing assignment


4/9 W Species and Communities 19,20  

Chapters 19 & 20

4/14 M Conservation: Legislation, Major Principles 21

Extinction in Birds.pdf

Umbrella Species.pdf



Chapter 21

4/16 W Neotropical Migrants, Marine Birds, Shorebirds 21

Wilcove Artificial Nest.pdf

State of the Birds

Birding in the US (optional)


Neotropical Migrants,
Marine Birds,

4/21 M Alaskan Adventure!  



4/23 W In Class Identification Test        
4/30 W

Final Exam

08:00 - 11:00