Entomology Research at NCSU

Information about Entomology research programs at NCSU.

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Entomology Graduate Program

Find out what you need to become a graduate student in the Entomology department.

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Entomology Undergrad Minor

The department offers an undergraduate minor in Entomology intended for students who are interested in insects, their management, and their role in natural and agricultural ecosystems.

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Entomology Graduate Student Association

The EGSA provides students with opportunities to organize seminars, meetings, field trips and other functions concerned with common interests of the members of the association.

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Rachel Suits wins CRSP Trellis Fund Award


Rachel Suits, master’s student with Dominic Reisig and Hannah Burrack, won a UC Davis Horticulture CRSP Trellis Fund Award. She will be spending her holiday in Bharatpur Nepal on an ECOCENTRE project, constructing insect identification manuals, developing IPM pest-specific strategies, and assisting in designing and evaluating experiments comparing conventional and IPM-oriented experiments on crucifer, cucurbit, and solanaceous crops for producers and students of the Chitwan district.