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EGSA Meeting Minutes

EGSA Meeting Information

Time: 5 PM
Day: 2nd Monday of every month
Location: Gardner Hall, Conference Room
Only held during the academic school year


Meeting Minutes

Date: 16 Mar. 2015
Topics Discussed:
  • Faculty are discussing possible increases in student stipends
    • Students need to gather relevant info from other institutions and departments
  • Faculty is interested in bringing in multidisciplinary speakers to the seminar series
    • Microbiology/entomology
  • April 10th Zoology/Entomology seminar over at David Clark Labs (Posters in lobby)
  • NCES will provide breakfast for the EGSA student symposium in August
  • Big outreach will be at Baskerville Elementary in Rocky Mount (date TBD)
  • Franks will host the afterparty for the Mike Duke seminar the evening of the 24th
  • D. Finke arrives around noon on the 23rd and leaves early Saturday
    • Faculty/student meetings 
    • Bkfasts Friday and Saturday
  • Adopted a section of the Capital City Greenway by Lake Johnson and have to do cleanups 3 times a year
    • Will be arranging the first event this spring.
  • A group of several grad students have started a paper revisions/editing group
    • Contact Carrie for more details
  • Fallon & Rob Dunn proposed creating lesson plans from student’s research that can be posted online and shared around the world
    • Kristi can help people create lesson plans for teachers to use our research and submit to Rob
  • Gabe proposed activities on science communication and doing events that are open to grad students. Workshops that focus on science communication
  • EGSA nominations:
    • President: Gabe, Fallon, Meredith, Mike Fisher
    • VP: Pete, Fallon, Mike Fisher
    • Secretary: Jeremy, Sophia
    • Treasurer: James, Nicole
    • Seminar (2): Steve, Katie Swoboda, Johanna, Angela S., Fallon
    • Social (2): Steve, Pete, Jesse D.
    • Outreach Scheduler: Kristi, Johanna
    • Outreach Bugkeeper: Clay, Meredith, Amanda 
    • Fundraising & Website: Colin, Steve, Jeremy, Sophia



Date: 9 Feb. 2015

Topics Discussed:

  • Faculty wants to separate the Grad Student symposium from the recruiting event
  • Next trivia is March 16th at McDaid’s on Hillsborough
  • NCSU Grad student symposium (March 25th) and NCSU Latino symposium coming up soon
    • Colin, Emily, and maybe two others
  • EGSA now has a Facebook page up and running
  • We need to get the Industry-funded outreach organized and scheduled
  • We might organize a local brewery tour or a trip to a brewery as the EGSA
  • Symposium went well and had a decent turn out. Could have had more faculty show up but overall good
    • Next year we will separate the symposium from the prospective student recruitment
    • Faculty will run the prospective student events (maybe have a poster session for them but no talks)
    • Symposium can change to a time we want (Possibly every August, the first Friday of the first full week of class)
      • Open it up to other department grad students who’s projects are directly related to entomology
      • Mix up the talks to have 15 minutes, 5 minutes, or let people mix it up and either present short or long talks during their time slot
      • Separate the talks by those presenting in the competition, and those not competing
      • Potentially only invite other departments for poster presentations (then may need to change venues)
      • Could invite one alumnus to present a plenary session
      • Should check with people to make sure they will not be gone for field season.
  • There is a new small conference room where the old copy/supply room was
  • The NCSU CALS Keller Award - provides funding for PhD students 
    • Had only 1 applicant this year so students from our department should apply!
  • Carrie is doing professional development for undergrads working in department labs every other Friday
    • If you’ve got undergrads in your lab, let them know they are welcome



Date: 20 Jan. 2015

Topics Discussed:

  • Faculty meeting: getting a business office liaison (Brenda G.) processing grants etc…
  • Renovation out at Lake Wheeler coming up (bike path, public interactive, community farm-type deal)
  • Prospective student weekend coming up along with grad student symposium next Friday (9am) morning, lunch provided, and dinner social at Player’s Retreat (1/30/15)
  • Graduate student symposium: Students giving 15 minute talks (10-12 plus 3 for questions)
  • Deborah Finke will be doing the Mike Duke seminar (tentatively April 22nd)
  • Officer nominations are coming up in March for elections coming in May
  • Debating on using excess pinned insects to donate to schools during outreaches. Matt and Keith have a lot of extra pinned specimens that could be given away. Need to figure out a way to package them.
  • Thinking about starting a Thursday afternoon seminar for the department every Thursday at 5pm at Mitch's
  • Madamesquite trip with Clyde and Sally on January 31st
  • Considering adopting part of the Raleigh Capital greenway trail for EGSA to maintain.



Date: 11 Nov. 2014

Topics Discussed:

  • No faculty meeting report
    • People need to sign up for some more shifts at the holiday party
  • Ent. holiday party
    • Social committee needs to organize the entertainment (and photo slide show)
    • Grad. student Thanksgiving will be hosted by Carrie de Jesus for those who cannot go home over break.



Date: 14 Oct. 2014

Topics Discussed:

  • Make a brochure or something to encourage recruitment at ESA national meeting
  • Incentivize working at the EGSA table at ESA. Raffle ticket for every hour served
  • Jeremy knows people who sell discounted merchandise like beer glasses
  • Fallon Fowler is now the Fundraising Chair. Co-chaired with April Hamblin
  • Everyone will soon receive an email with lists of committee members and chairs
  • Deborah Finke will be the Mike Duke seminar speaker
    • We need to decide on a date
  • Post-docs want to start up a seminar series that will focus more on methods and tools for experiments/studies
    • To begin in November and want a lot of grad student participation
  • Halloween party at Colin’s the Saturday after Halloween.
    • Costume competition and gathering in GA on Friday, Oct. 31
  • November 11th, CALS diversity committee is holding a panel for grad students
    • Tips for funding, advisors relationships, course loads, stress management
    • Panel of students, professors, post-docs for personal anecdotes and advice



Date: 16 Sept. 2014

Topics Discussed:

  • Friday Afternoon Seminar (FAS) - email Gabe if you are interested in attending
  • Everyone keep an eye out for committee emails
  • Remember to vote for Mike Duke speaker
  • Football game tailgates?
  • Linnaean game practices coming up 

EGSA committees:

  • Outreach: Keith Bayless, Paul Adams, Johanna Elsenson, Kristi Backe, Angela Sierra, April Hamblin, Nicole Gutzmann
  • Social: Keith Bayless, Paul Adams, Amanda Anderson, Colin Funaro, Marcel Deguenon, James Withrow
  • Seminar: Keith Bayless, Adam Dale, Alejandro del Pozo, Pete Nelson, Yvonne Matos, Angela Sierras, Kristen Hopperstad, Colin Funaro
  • Fundraising: Keith Bayless, Alejandro del Pozo, Johanna Elsenson, Fallon Fowler, April Hamblin, Colin Funaro



Date: 8 Sept. 2014:

Topics Discussed:

  • Meetings on Tuesdays at 5pm (first of each month) for this Fall 2014 semester
  • Pizza at the first meeting
  • April proposed a community pollinator garden event at the arboretum
  • EGSA will pay for supplies as outreach 
  • Need to create committees via signups
  • Need more people to sign up for afternoon Bugfest shift
  • Outreach efficacy survey?? Followup survey to email out after each outreach.
  • Don’t forget about the Bayer funded outreach outside of Wake County
  • Donation jar for the table at Bugfest?
  • Keith, tell Clyde when the meetings are.
  • Should we purchase an outreach 3-panel display board?