Entomology Graduate Student Symposium

An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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EGSA Meeting Minutes

EGSA Meetings will be held the second Monday of every month (during the school year) after seminar (12:30pm) Meeting location TBA

EGSA Meeting Date:_3/11/2013_____

12:30 PM Gardner Hall, Conference Room


Meeting Minutes

Voting Members Present: Jonathan Cammack, Amber Arrington, Keith Bayless, Heather Campbell, Rachel Suits, Mary Talley, Matt Green, Zaidee Powers, Emily Meineke, Colin Funaro, Holden Appler, Kristen Hopperstad, Yvonne Matos, Angela Bucci

Faculty Representative: Clyde Sorenson



Officer Reports

President: Jonathan Cammack

At the faculty meeting the student symposium was discussed and it was decided that the symposium should be changed to a Friday and Saturday.  On Friday the symposium would occur and Saturday would be devoted to recruiting. 

Vice President & UGSA Rep: Yvonne Matos

Secretary: Mary Talley

Treasurer: Heather Campbell

            Current total balance: $1,991.59

Outreach Coordinator(s): Stephanie Gorski or Emily Meineke

            Emily is going to make Ant ID posters.  Clyde discussed participation in two upcoming

            events: A Festival at the Arboretum on April 6 and the Weymouth Woods Bioblitz on May 18.

Seminar Coordinator(s): Amber Arrington or David Bednar

            The plane ticket has been purchased and the Mike Duke seminar speaker will arrive on

            May 8 and stay through May 11.

Committee Reports

Seminar: Amber Arrington or David Bednar

Fundraising: Colin Funaro

            Colin is putting together a letter to send to corporations like Syngenta, Bayer, and BASF

            to ask for sponsorship.

Social: Sally Taylor & Rachel Suits

            There will be a camping trip to Raven Rock sometime before spring.

Outreach: Emily Meineke & Stephanie Gorski

Hospitality: Amber Arrington


New Business

Clyde: The department will be producing a quarterly newsletter once again, and we would like to have graduate students involved in some capacity, either through writing articles of their own, or helping to solicit/ compile information for each issue. This newsletter will be sent out electronically to upper administration and department alumni.

All of the amendments to the constitution were passed. Amendments made are:

Article VI, Section 1A: “escept as noted in Section 2, Article III of the By-Laws” will be added to the end of the statement.

By-Laws, Section 2, Article III, Duties of the Elected Officers:

            Vice President: All duties of the UGSA Representative will now be

            duties of the VP.

            Outreach Coordinators: The following statement will be added: “Outreach

            Coordinators A and B will serve as student representatives on the department

            outreach committee.”

            Mike Duke Seminar Coordinators: The following statement will be added: “One

            of the Mike Duke Coordinators will serve as the student representative on the

            department seminar committee.”

The nominations are as followed: President: Keith Bayless, Sally Taylor; VP: Colin; Treasurer: April Hamblin; Secretary: Holden Appler; Outreach Coordin.: Sally Taylor, Angela Bucci, April Hamblin; Mike Duke Coordin.: Amber Arrington, Yvonne Matos; Social Chairs.: Sally Taylor, Kristen Hopperstad


Meeting Closed at: _6:30_pm