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An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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EGSA Meeting Minutes

EGSA Meeting Information

Time: 5 PM
Day: 2nd Monday of every month
Location: Gardner Hall, Conference Room
Only held during the academic school year


Meeting Minutes


Date: 11 May 2015

Last meeting for 2014-2015 academic year

Topics Discussed:

  • Officer emails can be made and passed down, “how-to” file will be uploaded to the drive folder.
  • Funds analysis: BASF $5000/ 2 years, Bayer , Syngenta, Whole Foods (Free food)
  • Need more fundraising options to increase income– Koozies? Onesies?
  • Elementary School outreach was a success, thanks for all the help!
  • We need to get more people on board for outreach or take less requests. Would we get better involvement with fewer longer/more intensive sessions or more, shorter events?
    • Solicitations would look better if we are more involved
    •  Develop a doddle poll to get feedback from students (Kristi)
  • People should want outreach experience! Be competitive in the job market
    • When is the best time to meet? More people may come at 5pm but what time is best?
  • Funding for individual or even departmental outreach from more companies, Gabe was able to get sponsorship for gas reimbursement and then the extra goes directly into EGSA funds.
  • Departmental vehicles can be used by anyone getting a paycheck from the university
  • Summer social event is being organized – more info to come
  • Details for the Greenway Cleanup are coming, need to knock this out ASAP. Before the end of the month we need to have this scheduled or completed.
  • Bi-weekly happy hour? Friday social seminar with Wes, once a month, hosted by a lab to share projects within that lab (FAS).
  • August seminar – full day vs half day? – half day of talks with poster session following? - Judged group vs Information sharing/project planning group – second or third week of school, rather than first week – Social event (student or departmental?) after seminar?
  • Keck center brings in several notable speakers throughout the year, the potential hope for our semester seminar series would be to invite up and coming speakers rather than established speakers.
  • Stipends are going up starting on July 1st to 21,000 for both Masters and PhD. Potential for PhD to go higher as in the tiered system, but may take several years for further increases.
  • Next two to three years will involve paybacks to State from CALS budget, implications for where this money will come from in the ENT dept. CALS has an interest in imposing a $500 lab fee …..?
    • Next faculty discussion on student stipend increase will be Sept 2016
    • Fee discussion may be sooner
  • Administration wants consolidations, potentially lumping ENT into animal sciences? Faculty did not seem pleased, but admin is interested in doing this in the next few years
  • New scholarship endowment available for new students – nearly $4000 stipend increase. BASF may also sponsor students.
  • Funding for one/two seminar speaker lunches after seminar at noon? Steve will talk to Coby



Date: 13 Apr. 2015

Topics Discussed:

  • Entomology students ran house at the Zoology symposium (Colin, Keith, Gabe, and Brad placed 1st and 2nd place in posters and talks)
  • SEB Meeting in Raleigh March 13-16
    • November (symposia submissions)
  • Ag practicum is coming up this summer with Clyde
  • Faculty vote on student stipend increases:
    • up to $21k
    • give both $2k raises
    • fees support not yet determined
  • All data supported through fed funding will soon need to be put in a data repository
  • New treasurer and president will need to go with Clyde to the bank to update the account names
  • Mike duke next friday
    • Colin is arranging meeting times
  • EGSA will soon be taking on stick bug maintenance because Meyer is going into phase retirement
  • Trail cleanup will be this coming Sunday April 19th
  • 'Soccer day' coming up some time soon through the social committee
  • Officer election results:
    • President: Gabe
    • VP: Fallon
    • Secretary: Jeremy
    • Treasurer: James
    • Seminar chairs: Katie & Johanna
    • Social chairs: Steve & Pete
    • Outreach scheduler: Kristi
    • Outreach bugkeeper: Clay
    • Fundraising chair: Sophia


Date: 16 Mar. 2015
Topics Discussed:
  • Faculty are discussing possible increases in student stipends
    • Students need to gather relevant info from other institutions and departments
  • Faculty is interested in bringing in multidisciplinary speakers to the seminar series
    • Microbiology/entomology
  • April 10th Zoology/Entomology seminar over at David Clark Labs (Posters in lobby)
  • NCES will provide breakfast for the EGSA student symposium in August
  • Big outreach will be at Baskerville Elementary in Rocky Mount (date TBD)
  • Franks will host the afterparty for the Mike Duke seminar the evening of the 24th
  • D. Finke arrives around noon on the 23rd and leaves early Saturday
    • Faculty/student meetings 
    • Bkfasts Friday and Saturday
  • Adopted a section of the Capital City Greenway by Lake Johnson and have to do cleanups 3 times a year
    • Will be arranging the first event this spring.
  • A group of several grad students have started a paper revisions/editing group
    • Contact Carrie for more details
  • Fallon & Rob Dunn proposed creating lesson plans from student’s research that can be posted online and shared around the world
    • Kristi can help people create lesson plans for teachers to use our research and submit to Rob
  • Gabe proposed activities on science communication and doing events that are open to grad students. Workshops that focus on science communication
  • EGSA nominations:
    • President: Gabe, Fallon, Meredith, Mike Fisher
    • VP: Pete, Fallon, Mike Fisher
    • Secretary: Jeremy, Sophia
    • Treasurer: James, Nicole
    • Seminar (2): Steve, Katie Swoboda, Johanna, Angela S., Fallon
    • Social (2): Steve, Pete, Jesse D.
    • Outreach Scheduler: Kristi, Johanna
    • Outreach Bugkeeper: Clay, Meredith, Amanda 
    • Fundraising & Website: Colin, Steve, Jeremy, Sophia



Date: 9 Feb. 2015

Topics Discussed:

  • Faculty wants to separate the Grad Student symposium from the recruiting event
  • Next trivia is March 16th at McDaid’s on Hillsborough
  • NCSU Grad student symposium (March 25th) and NCSU Latino symposium coming up soon
    • Colin, Emily, and maybe two others
  • EGSA now has a Facebook page up and running
  • We need to get the Industry-funded outreach organized and scheduled
  • We might organize a local brewery tour or a trip to a brewery as the EGSA
  • Symposium went well and had a decent turn out. Could have had more faculty show up but overall good
    • Next year we will separate the symposium from the prospective student recruitment
    • Faculty will run the prospective student events (maybe have a poster session for them but no talks)
    • Symposium can change to a time we want (Possibly every August, the first Friday of the first full week of class)
      • Open it up to other department grad students who’s projects are directly related to entomology
      • Mix up the talks to have 15 minutes, 5 minutes, or let people mix it up and either present short or long talks during their time slot
      • Separate the talks by those presenting in the competition, and those not competing
      • Potentially only invite other departments for poster presentations (then may need to change venues)
      • Could invite one alumnus to present a plenary session
      • Should check with people to make sure they will not be gone for field season.
  • There is a new small conference room where the old copy/supply room was
  • The NCSU CALS Keller Award - provides funding for PhD students 
    • Had only 1 applicant this year so students from our department should apply!
  • Carrie is doing professional development for undergrads working in department labs every other Friday
    • If you’ve got undergrads in your lab, let them know they are welcome



Date: 20 Jan. 2015

Topics Discussed:

  • Faculty meeting: getting a business office liaison (Brenda G.) processing grants etc…
  • Renovation out at Lake Wheeler coming up (bike path, public interactive, community farm-type deal)
  • Prospective student weekend coming up along with grad student symposium next Friday (9am) morning, lunch provided, and dinner social at Player’s Retreat (1/30/15)
  • Graduate student symposium: Students giving 15 minute talks (10-12 plus 3 for questions)
  • Deborah Finke will be doing the Mike Duke seminar (tentatively April 22nd)
  • Officer nominations are coming up in March for elections coming in May
  • Debating on using excess pinned insects to donate to schools during outreaches. Matt and Keith have a lot of extra pinned specimens that could be given away. Need to figure out a way to package them.
  • Thinking about starting a Thursday afternoon seminar for the department every Thursday at 5pm at Mitch's
  • Madamesquite trip with Clyde and Sally on January 31st
  • Considering adopting part of the Raleigh Capital greenway trail for EGSA to maintain.



Date: 11 Nov. 2014

Topics Discussed:

  • No faculty meeting report
    • People need to sign up for some more shifts at the holiday party
  • Ent. holiday party
    • Social committee needs to organize the entertainment (and photo slide show)
    • Grad. student Thanksgiving will be hosted by Carrie de Jesus for those who cannot go home over break.



Date: 14 Oct. 2014

Topics Discussed:

  • Make a brochure or something to encourage recruitment at ESA national meeting
  • Incentivize working at the EGSA table at ESA. Raffle ticket for every hour served
  • Jeremy knows people who sell discounted merchandise like beer glasses
  • Fallon Fowler is now the Fundraising Chair. Co-chaired with April Hamblin
  • Everyone will soon receive an email with lists of committee members and chairs
  • Deborah Finke will be the Mike Duke seminar speaker
    • We need to decide on a date
  • Post-docs want to start up a seminar series that will focus more on methods and tools for experiments/studies
    • To begin in November and want a lot of grad student participation
  • Halloween party at Colin’s the Saturday after Halloween.
    • Costume competition and gathering in GA on Friday, Oct. 31
  • November 11th, CALS diversity committee is holding a panel for grad students
    • Tips for funding, advisors relationships, course loads, stress management
    • Panel of students, professors, post-docs for personal anecdotes and advice



Date: 16 Sept. 2014

Topics Discussed:

  • Friday Afternoon Seminar (FAS) - email Gabe if you are interested in attending
  • Everyone keep an eye out for committee emails
  • Remember to vote for Mike Duke speaker
  • Football game tailgates?
  • Linnaean game practices coming up 

EGSA committees:

  • Outreach: Keith Bayless, Paul Adams, Johanna Elsenson, Kristi Backe, Angela Sierra, April Hamblin, Nicole Gutzmann
  • Social: Keith Bayless, Paul Adams, Amanda Anderson, Colin Funaro, Marcel Deguenon, James Withrow
  • Seminar: Keith Bayless, Adam Dale, Alejandro del Pozo, Pete Nelson, Yvonne Matos, Angela Sierras, Kristen Hopperstad, Colin Funaro
  • Fundraising: Keith Bayless, Alejandro del Pozo, Johanna Elsenson, Fallon Fowler, April Hamblin, Colin Funaro



Date: 8 Sept. 2014:

Topics Discussed:

  • Meetings on Tuesdays at 5pm (first of each month) for this Fall 2014 semester
  • Pizza at the first meeting
  • April proposed a community pollinator garden event at the arboretum
  • EGSA will pay for supplies as outreach 
  • Need to create committees via signups
  • Need more people to sign up for afternoon Bugfest shift
  • Outreach efficacy survey?? Followup survey to email out after each outreach.
  • Don’t forget about the Bayer funded outreach outside of Wake County
  • Donation jar for the table at Bugfest?
  • Keith, tell Clyde when the meetings are.
  • Should we purchase an outreach 3-panel display board?