"A Forty Year Serendipitous Journey,"

Dr. Jeremy McNeil

Univ. Western Ontario


Dr. Jeremy McNeil, the 2010 Outstanding Alumnus of the NCSU Entomology Department, will be visiting the Department next week. Jeremy was a student under Dr. Bob Rabb during the 1970's.  Dr. McNeil is internationally recognized for his many contributions to insect behavior, physiology and chemical ecology; he is currently the Battle Professor of  Chemical Ecology at the University of Western Ontario, where he is heavily involved in teaching and research programs most recently focused on insect migration, pheromone mediated mating in aphids, and the identification of informational chemicals for several Lepidoptera; he recently joined in an effort to sort out the regulation of migration in Monarch butterflies. He previously completed a 30 year stint on the faculty of Laval University. Dr. McNeil has had an incredibly interesting career spanning a tremendous diversity of research topics, and he is very heavily involved in international teaching and research efforts. In addition to being an accomplished scientist, Jeremy is an extremely engaging fellow and great fun to talk with.