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NCSU Entomology Outreach Program

Insects fascinate almost everyone, especially kids. They are wonderful models for teaching a wide variety of biological concepts. The Department of Entomology promotes the study of insects through community outreach programs. Entomology graduate students organize and conduct outreach activities including field trips, classroom demonstrations, and displays at county/local fairs and other public events using live insects, if available and preserved specimens from our Insect Collection. Department members  work closely with other educational organizations and events including BugFest at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh and the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham.

To schedule a request, please email the following information to the outreach contact: name/address/date/time of event, number and ages of participants, contact information (phone and email). If you have a specific insect-related topic you would like us to cover (life cycles, anatomy, etc.), just let us know! 

Outreach Contact: Angela Bucci

email:; phone: 410-459-4841


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Photos courtesy of Clyde Sorenson