Entomology Research Programs

The Department's research programs focus on insects at the molecular, organismal, population, and community levels.

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Extension Entomology

Extension faculty provide technincal expertise to the citizens of North Carolina

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Entomology Grad. Student Assoc.

The EGSA provides students with opportunities to organize seminars, meetings, field trips and other functions concerned with common interests of the members of the association.

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Entomology Department Personnel

Namesort icon Group email Phone
Axtell, Richard Faculty - Emeritus richard_axtell@ncsu.edu 919.787.1321
Adams, Paul Students pradams2@ncsu.edu 919.513.3764
Adedipe, Folukemi Students feadedip@ncsu.edu 919.513.3966
Alder, Patricia Post Docs patricia_alder@ncsu.edu 919.513.3805
Ambrose, John T. Faculty John_Ambrose@ncsu.edu 919.515.4415
Anderson, Amanda Students alander5@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
Apperson, Charles Faculty - Emeritus charles_apperson@ncsu.edu 919.515.4326
Arends, Jim Faculty - Adjunct parasit@aol.com 919.965.9007
Babu, Arun Students ababu2@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Bacheler, Jack S. Faculty - Emeritus jack_bacheler@ncsu.edu 919.515.8877
Backe, Kristi Students kbacke@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
Baker, James R. Faculty - Emeritus jrbaker8517@aol.com 919.362.1044
Bambara, Stephen Faculty - Emeritus
Bang, Joakim Post Docs jcbang@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Barbarin, Alexis Post Docs ambarbar@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Bayless, Keith Students kmbayles@ncsu.edu 919.515.3429
Belikoff, Esther Post Docs ejbeliko@ncsu.edu 919.515.1857
Bertone, Matt Faculty matt_bertone@ncsu.edu 919.515.9530
Billeisen, Terri Students tlhoctor@ncsu.edu 919.513.2209
Blinn, Bob Staff bob_blinn@ncsu.edu 919.515.3595
Boyle, Christiana Staff christiana_boyle@ncsu.edu 919.515.2620
Bradley, J. R. Faculty - Emeritus jr_bradley@ncsu.edu 919.545.9858
Brandenburg, Rick Faculty rick_brandenburg@ncsu.edu 919.515.8876
Brooks, Wayne Faculty - Emeritus wayne_brooks@ncsu.edu 919.851.7997
Bucci, Angela Students ambucci@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Buchwalter, David Faculty - Associate david_buchwalter@ncsu.edu 919.513.1129
Buhler, Wayne Faculty - Associate wayne_buhler@ncsu.edu 919.515.5369
Burrack, Hannah J. Faculty hannah_burrack@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Caldwell, Nathan Students ndcaldwe@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Campbell, William Faculty - Emeritus williamvcampbell@aol.com 919.787.1933
Cardoza, Yasmin J. Faculty yasmin_cardoza@ncsu.edu 919.513.1285
Carr, Ann Students alcarr2@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Cassel, Brian Staff brian_cassel@ncsu.edu 919.515.3429
Chappel, Tom Post Docs tmchappe@unity.ncsu.edu 919.515.1657
Chu, Clay Students fchu@ncsu.edu 919.513.3966
Cohen, Allen Faculty accohen@ncsu.edu 919.513.0576
D'Ambrosio, Damon Students dadambro@ncsu.edu 919.515.1657
Dale, Adam Students agdale2@ncsu.edu 919.515.1661
Deguenon, Jean Marcel Students jdeguen@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Deitz, Lewis L. Faculty - Emeritus lewis_deitz@ncsu.edu 919.515.3595
DeJesus, Carrie Students cedejes2@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Del Pozo-Valdivia, Alejandro Students aidelpoz@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Denning, Steve Staff steve_denning@ncsu.edu 919.515.1663
DeVries, Zachary Students zcdevrie@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Dhammi, Anirudh Students adhammi@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Ditillo, Jessica Students jlditill@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Dunn, Rob Faculty - Associate Rob_Dunn@ncsu.edu 919.513.7569
Dupree, Gene Staff gene_dupree@ncsu.edu 919.515.2307
Elsensohn, Johanna Students jeelsens@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Emerson, Jennifer Post Docs jlemerso@ncsu.edu 919.515.1649
Encarnacion, Marie Staff meencarn@ncsu.edu 919.515.1650
Farrier, Maurice Faculty - Emeritus 919.787.1933
Fezza, Thomas Students tjfezza@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Fisher, Michael Students mlfishe2@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Fowler, Fallon Students fefowler@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Frank, Steven D. Faculty steven_frank@ncsu.edu 919.515.8880
Fritz, Bradley Students bjfritz@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Fritz, Megan Post Docs mlfritz@ncsu.edu
Funaro, Colin Students cffunaro@ncsu.edu 919.515.1662
Gardner, Micah Students mjgardne@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Gordh, Gordon Faculty - Adjunct gordon.gordh@aphis.usda.gov 919.513.2125
Gorski, Stephanie Students slgorski@ncsu.edu 919.513.3764
Gould, Fred Faculty fred_gould@ncsu.edu 919.515.1647
Grist, Daniel Staff dsgrist@unity.ncsu.edu 919.515.1657
Groot, Astrid Faculty astrid_groot@ncsu.edu
Gurganus, Marjorie Staff mcgurgan@ncsu.edu 919.513.3967
Gutzmann, Nicole Students negutzma@ncsu.edu 919.515-1649
Haddad, Nick Faculty - Associate nick_haddad@ncsu.edu 919.515.4588
Hain, Fred Faculty - Emeritus fred_hain@ncsu.edu
Hamblin, April Students alhambli@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Hamon, Nick Faculty - Adjunct nhamon@liv.ac.uk
Hardin, Jesse Post Docs jahardi2@ncsu.edu 919.513-4344
Harper, James Faculty - Emeritus james_harper@ncsu.edu 919.515.0405
Heath, Jeremy Post Docs jjheath@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Herbert, Ames Faculty - Adjunct herbert@vt.edu 757.657.6450
Hertl, Peter Post Docs peter_hertl@ncsu.edu 919.513.2209
Hillmann, Ruediger C. Faculty - Emeritus rchillman@aol.com 919.772.3134
Hopperstad, Kristen Students kahopper@ncsu.edu 919.515.3005
Howell, Forrest Students fchowell@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Huang, Ming Hua Post Docs ming.hua.huang2@gmail.com 919.513.3967
Johnson, Connie Students crjohns7@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Keller, Jennifer Staff jennifer_keller@ncsu.edu 919.513.7702
Kennedy, George, G. Faculty george_kennedy@ncsu.edu 919.515.1655
Klobasa, William Students waklobas@ncsu.edu 919.513.7857
Ko, Alex Students aeko@ncsu.edu 919.515.3784
Kreitlow, Kimberly Lane Faculty - Adjunct kimberly_kreitlow@ncsu.edu
Labadie, Paul E. Staff paul_labadie@ncsu.edu 919.515.1662
Lakin, Kenneth Faculty - Adjunct kenneth.r.lakin@aphis.usda.gov 919.513.2122
Li-Byarlay, Hongmei Post Docs hlibyar@ncsu.edu 919.513.3967
Liu, Guowan Post Docs gliu3@unity.ncsu.edu 919.513.3966
Lorenzen, Marcé Faculty marce_lorenzen@ncsu.edu 919.513.7857
MacKay, Trudy Faculty - Associate trudy_mackay@ncsu.edu 919.515.5810
Mahaffey, James Faculty - Associate Jim_Mahaffey@ncsu.edu 919.515.5791
Matos, Yvonne Students ymatos@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
McPhie, Douglas Students drmcphie@ncsu.edu 919.515.1650
Meineke, Emily Students ekmeinek@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
Merchan, Hector Alejandro Students hamercha@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Meyer, John Faculty john_meyer@ncsu.edu 919.515.1659
Mitchell, Robert Students rdmitche@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Moore, Clifton Staff tcmoore4@ncsu.edu 252.793.4428
Moore, Harry Faculty - Emeritus hmoore14@nc.rr.com 919.851.3144
Mott, Dan Staff dan_mott@ncsu.edu 919.515.8877
Nalepa, Christine Faculty - Adjunct Christine.Nalepa@ncagr.gov 919.233.8214
Nelson, Peter Students pnnelson@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Neunzig, Herbert Faculty - Emeritus 919.847.5470
O'Leary, Teresa Staff toleary@ncsu.edu 919.513.3966
Orr, David Faculty david_orr@ncsu.edu 919.515.4684
Oten, Kelly Staff klfelder@ncsu.edu 919.515.1664
Perez de Leon, A. Faculty - Adjunct aapl_mexfra@yahoo.com 919.554.8506
Ponnusamy, Loganathan Post Docs loganathan_ponnusamy@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Reisig, Dominic Faculty dominic_reisig "at" ncsu.edu 252.793.4428
Reiskind, Michael H. Faculty Michael_Reiskind@ncsu.edu 919.515.0719
Reyna, Steven Students smreyna@ncsu.edu 919.513.3764
Roberson, Steven Staff sarobers@ncsu.edu 252.793.4428
Robertson, Robert Faculty - Emeritus rlr1925@yahoo.com 336.372.5316
Roe, R. Michael Faculty michael_roe@ncsu.edu 919.515.4325
Royals, Brian Staff brian_royals@ncsu.edu 919.513.2209
Santangelo, Rick Staff rick_santangelo@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Schal, Coby Faculty coby_schal@ncsu.edu 919.515.1821
Schoof, Steve Staff steve_schoof@ncsu.edu 828.684.3562
Scott, Max J. Faculty max_scott@ncsu.edu 919.515.0275
Sequiera, Ron Faculty - Adjunct ron.a.sequeira@aphis.usda.gov 919.513.2128
Sierras, Angela Students ajsierra@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Silverman, Jules Faculty jules_silverman@ncsu.edu 919.513.2468
Simone Finstrom, Michael Post Docs mdsimone@ncsu.edu 919.513.3967
Slone, Jeremy Students jdslone@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Smith, Benjamin Post Docs threatenedforests@ncsu.edu 919.515.1663
Smith, James Faculty - Adjunct james.w.smith@aphis.usda.gov 919.855.7526
Smith, Kiresten Staff kiresten_smith@ncsu.edu 919.515.7381
Smith, Michael Students mpsmith@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Sonenshine, Dan Faculty - Adjunct dsonensh@odu.edu Unavailable
Sorensen, Kenneth Faculty - Emeritus kenneth_sorensen@ncsu.edu 919.362.6617
Sorenson, Clyde Faculty clyde_sorenson@ncsu.edu 919.515.8427
Southern, Sterling Faculty - Emeritus sterling_southern@ncsu.edu 919.515.2748
Spence, Meredith Students mrspenc2@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Stephan, David Faculty - Emeritus david_stephan@ncsu.edu 919.515.6825
Stinner, Ron Faculty - Emeritus rstinner@cipm.info 919.515.1648
Stout, Joseph Students jmstout@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
Strider, John Staff john_strider@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Stringham, Mike Faculty - Emeritus
Swoboda- Bhattara, Katherine Students kaswobod@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Talley, Mary Students metalley@ncsu.edu 919.515.1664
Tarpy, David R. Faculty david_tarpy@ncsu.edu 919.515.1660
Taylor, Sally Students svtaylor@unity.ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Thompson, Sara Faculty - Adjunct sarah.thompson@basf.com 919.547.2774
Todd, Karina Staff kltodd@ncsu.edu 919.515.1651
Toennisson, Aurora Staff tatoenni@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Toth, Stephen J. Faculty - Emeritus steve_toth@ncsu.edu 919.561.1997
Trautwein, Michelle Faculty - Adjunct michelle.trautwein@naturalsciences.org 919.707.9273
Travanty, Nicholas Students nvtravan@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Turcatel, Mauren Students mturcat@ncsu.edu 919.515.3429
Van Duyn, John Faculty - Emeritus John_vanduyn@ncsu.edu 252.482.8185
van Kretschmar, Jaap Post Docs jaap_vankretschmar@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
van Wijk, Michiel Post Docs mvanwij@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Vargo, Ed Faculty ed_vargo@ncsu.edu 919.513.2743
Wada-Katsumata, Ayako Post Docs akatsum@unity.ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Waldvogel, Michael Faculty mike_waldvogel@ncsu.edu 919.515.8881
Walgenbach, Jim Faculty jim_walgenbach@ncsu.edu 828.684.3562
Watson, Wes Faculty wes_watson@ncsu.edu 919.513.2028
Webster, Sophia Students shwebste@ncsu.edu 919.515.1649
Weintraub, Jory Post Docs jory@nescent.org 919.416.4929
Wiegmann, Brian Faculty brian_wiegmann@ncsu.edu 919.515.1653
Withrow, James Students jmwithro@ncsu.edu 919.513.3967
Wright, Charles G. Faculty - Emeritus charles_wright@ncsu.edu 919.787.1811
Youngsteadt, Elsa Post Docs ekyoungs@ncsu.edu 919.515.5555
Zhu, Jiwei Students jzhu4@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Zilnik, Gabriel Students glzilnik@ncsu.edu 919.515.1549