NC State University
Emeritus Faculty

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Wright, Charles G.

Urban and Industrial Pests 919.787.1811
Van Duyn, John

Field Crop IPM 252.482.8185
Toth, Stephen J.

Insect Pest Management 919.561.1997
Stringham, Mike

Confined Livestock and Poultry Pest Management

Stinner, Ron

Integrated Pest Management 919.515.1648
Stephan, David

Systematics, Insect Identification 919.515.6825
Southern, Sterling

Tobacco IPM 919.515.2748
Sorensen, Kenneth

Fruit and Vegetable IPM 919.362.6617
Robertson, Robert

IPM Field Crops, Turf and Ornamentals 336.372.5316
Neunzig, Herbert


Moore, Harry

Urban Entomology 919.851.3144
Hillmann, Ruediger C.

Urban, Household and Wood Destroying Pests, 4H Entomology 919.772.3134
Harper, James

Teaching-Research 919.515.0405
Hain, Fred

Forest Entomology
Farrier, Maurice

Systematics - Acarina

Deitz, Lewis L.

Systematics of Treehoppers and Related Groups 919.515.3595
Campbell, William

Arthropod Pest Management - Peanuts 919.787.1933
Brooks, Wayne

Insect Pathology 919.851.7997
Bradley, J. R.

Arthropods associated with corn, cotton, and soybeans 919.545.9858
Bambara, Stephen

Home ornamentals & turf IPM, stored grains, forage crops, 4-H entomology

Baker, James R.

Ornamentals 919.362.1044
Bacheler, Jack S.

Cotton Pest Management 919.515.8877
Apperson, Charles

Public Health Entomology 919.515.4326
Axtell, Richard

Medical & Veterinary 919.787.1321