Entomology Research Programs

The Department's research programs focus on insects at the molecular, organismal, population, and community levels.

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Extension Entomology

Extension faculty provide technincal expertise to the citizens of North Carolina

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Entomology Grad. Student Assoc.

The EGSA provides students with opportunities to organize seminars, meetings, field trips and other functions concerned with common interests of the members of the association.

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Entomology Graduate Students

Degree Sought email Phone
Zilnik, Gabriel PhD glzilnik@ncsu.edu 919.515.1649
Zhu, Jiwei Masters jzhu4@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Webster, Sophia PhD shwebste@ncsu.edu 919.515.1649
Turcatel, Mauren PhD mturcat@ncsu.edu 919.515.3429
Travanty, Nicholas Masters nvtravan@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Taylor, Sally PhD svtaylor@unity.ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Talley, Mary Masters metalley@ncsu.edu 919.515.1664
Swoboda, Katherine PhD kaswobod@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Smith, Michael PhD mpsmith@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Sierras, Angela PhD ajsierra@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Reyna, Steven PhD smreyna@ncsu.edu 919.513.3764
Moylett, Heather Masters hmcampbe@ncsu.edu 919.515.3595
Moscrip, Heather Masters hmoscri@ncsu.edu 919.515.1663
Mitchell, Robert PhD rdmitche@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Merchan, Hector Alejandro PhD hamercha@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Meineke, Emily PhD ekmeinek@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
McPhie, Douglas Master's drmcphie@ncsu.edu 919.515.1650
McClure, Travis Master's tjmcclur@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
Matos, Yvonne PhD ymatos@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Ko, Alex PhD aeko@ncsu.edu 919.515.3784
Klobasa, William Masters waklobas@ncsu.edu 919.513.7857
Johnson, Connie PhD crjohns7@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Howell, Forrest Master's fchowell@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Hopperstad, Kristen Master's kahopper@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Hamblin, April PhD alhambli@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Gorski, Stephanie PhD slgorski@ncsu.edu 919.513.3764
Funaro, Colin PhD cffunaro@ncsu.edu 919.515.1662
Fritz, Bradley Masters bjfritz@ncsu.edu 919.555.5555
DeVries, Zachary PhD zcdevrie@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Del Pozo-Valdivia, Alejandro PhD aidelpoz@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
DeJesus, Carrie Masters cedejes2@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Dale, Adam PhD agdale2@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
D'Ambrosio, Damon Masters dadambro@ncsu.edu 919.515.1657
Chu, Clay PhD fchu@ncsu.edu 919.513.3966
Carr, Ann PhD alcarr2@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Caldwell, Nathan PhD ndcaldwe@ncsu.edu 919.515.8882
Bucci, Angela PhD ambucci@ncsu.edu 919.515.1820
Blankenship, William Masters wmblanke@ncsu.edu 919.515.8883
Billeisen, Terri PhD tlhoctor@ncsu.edu 919.513.2209
Bayless, Keith PhD kmbayles@ncsu.edu 919.515.3429
Babu, Arun PhD ababu2@ncsu.edu 919.515.0928
Appler, Robert Masters rhappler@ncsu.edu 919.515.2765
Adedipe, Folukemi PhD feadedip@ncsu.edu 919.513.3966
Adams, Paul Master's pradams2@ncsu.edu 919.513.3764