10 Internal Members

1 State Faculty Member:

Lorelei Jones

3 FCS agents


Sue Counts


Evelyn DeLoatch


Rose Massey

3 Retired FCS State Faculty or Agents:

Frances Voliva
Dr. Nadine Tope
Dr. Judy Mock

3 NC ECA State Officers:

Dorothy McKoy
Joyce Kluttz
Alma Fields

20 External Members

Judy Barber
Susan Britt
Dr Robert Cayton
Jan Christensen
Dr. Deborah Crandall
Carol Cox
Wanda Denning
Dee Furlough
Peggie Garner
Agnes Goldston
Dr Wilma Hammett
Jerry Hardesty
Michael Hare
Dr. Carolyn Lackey
Murray Nixon
Betsy Owens
Fonrose Gore Rice
Phyllis West
Cathy Fritts Wilkins
Nancy Young

2 Honorary Lifetime Members:

Ada Dalla Pozza
Josephine Patterson

Ex Officio Directors

Dr Johnny Wynne, Dean College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dr Jon Ort, Director, NC Cooperative Extension Service
Dr.Marshall Stewart, Dept. Head and State Leader, FCS and 4-H
Dr Carolyn Dunn, Associate State Leader, Family and Consumer Sciences
Renay Knapp, Family and Consumer Sciences Association
Barbara Swanson, 4-H Association
Stanley Holloway, NC Association of County Agricultural Agents
Carol Horne, NC Cooperative Extension Secretaries Association
Janine Rywak, NC Federation of Cooperative Extension Associations
Melissa Keller, NC Asso. of Ext. Program Assistants, Associates, and Technicians
Natalie Hampton, NC Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists
Maurene Rickards, Executive Director, NC FCS Foundation