I accept the invitation to help the victims of Hurricane Floyd
Floyd Relief
NC State University
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Faculty and Staff Payroll Deduction Form

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Full Name: __________________________________________ Social Security #: _____________________________

Job Title: ___________________________________________ Department:__________________________________

Campus Address: _____________________________________ Home Address: _________________________________

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Campus Phone:____________________________________  Home Phone:____________________________________

Pay Period: Bi-weekly _____ Monthly _____

                                                                                            Advance Acct. #_________
for office use only : ID#_____________Org Code 936-AG Advance Acct. #_________ Tech Code 6
                                                                                            Advance Acct. #_________

Please indicate below how much per pay period you wish to be deducted from your paycheck toward the following funds
(amount deducted per pay period must be greater than $10 for each fund designated):

_____ Please designate $____ per pay period to support the CALS Floyd Relief Fund (100% of these funds will   directly benefit Eastern North Carolina families and communities impacted by Hurricane Floyd).
______ Please designate $____ per pay period to support the NCCESF Benevolence Fund (100 % these funds will directly benefit Extension families impacted by Hurricane Floyd).
______ Please designate $____ per pay period to support the NCDA Farmer Disaster Fund (100% of these funds will directly benefit agriculture and farm families impacted by Hurrican Floyd.)

I authorize the University Payroll Office to deduct the amount(s) indicated above from my pay each month for a period of _____ year(s) (1-2). My total pledge is $________. (A completed pledge form is attached.)

I understand that I may amend or cancel this authorization by written notice to the University Payroll Office (changes received after the tenth of a month will be effective the next month).

Signature:__________________________________________ Date:____________________

Please return with your completed Pledge Intention Form to:
Floyd Relief Drive, c/o NC Agricultural Foundation,  Box 7645, Raleigh, NC 27695-7645 or FAX to 919-515-5274.
If you have questions or require more information, please call:
Sandy Zaslow at 919-515-2781 (sandra_zaslow@ncsu.edu)
or Chris Cammarene-Wessel at 919-515-7678 (ccwessel@ncsu.edu).