Yes! I/We accept the invitation to support the
Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at NC State University through the Department's Endowment Campaign.

The Ernest Hodgson Toxicology Education Endowment*

Pledge Intention Form

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___A check for $_________ as my/our total gift amount is enclosed.

___A check for $_________ is enclosed as my/our first pledge payment. Please send my/our pledge reminder for the next payment on ________________ (date). My/Our pledge will be fulfilled in ___ years (one to five).

___I am an NC State University employee.  I have enclosed a completed Payroll Deduction Form for my pledge.

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*Please make checks payable to the Toxicology Endowment Campaign. Until the $500,000 goal for the Ernest Hodgson Toxicology Education Endowment is reached, funds received for this Campaign will be placed in that fund. When the goal is reached, additional contributions to the Campaign will be placed in appropriate toxicology departmental endowments.
You will receive an official receipt for your tax deductible contribution, and pledge reminders will be mailed to you if you have chosen that option.
Tax ID #56-6049304
Please send to:
NC Agricultural Foundation, NCSU Box 7645,
Raleigh, NC 27695 (fax 919.515.5274).

If you have any questions or require additional information, please call Chris Cammarene-Wessel at 919.515.7678 (

Thank you!

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Last modified: June 2003