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Plant & Microbial Biology Department News:

Prof. Tom Wentworth received the Elizabeth Ann Bartholemew Award for distinguished service from the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society. This photo shows him receiving the award with his wife, Linda Rudd, who is also a member.

Congratulations to Kipp Callahan, one of two recipients of the NC Native Plant Society's 2014 Tom and Bruce Shinn Grant.  The $1000 award will support his work developing a guide to the vascular flora of Pondberry Bay, a NC Plant Conservation Preserve in Sampson County, under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Krings.

Applications for the Chilton Undergraduate Research Award are due Monday, April 28. The winner will be announced Tuesday, May 6, at our Ice Cream Social.

The Plant Biology Graduate Student Association is co-hosting Prof. Carol Auer, University of Connecticut, for Horticulture's Mason Pharr Seminar on Thursday, April 10, 2215 Williams Hall, 3:30 - 4:30. Her title is Pollen and Policy: How gene flow research can inform ecological risk assessment, containment strategies, and co-existence with transgenic crops.

NCSU to host the 53rd Phytochemical Society of North America meeting at the McKimmon Center, August 9-13. More information and a letter from Prof. Deyu Xie, chair of the organizing committee, can be found here. Registration forms can be found here.

NCSU Thank a Teacher program honors Profs. Amy Grunden, Chad Jordan, Alexander Krings, Deyu Xie, and graduate student Bhupinder Sehra, in Bob Franks' lab. This award honors teachers who have made a difference in student's lives. Congratulations to the recipients!

Vegetation abides by different rules depending on the continent, new research shows. Prof. Bill Hoffmann participated in a study published in Science suggesting that, in contrast to Australia and South America, woody growth in Africa would continue to increase during a 4°C increase in global temperatures.

Looking for Plant Biology? As of July 1, the Plant Biology Dept. became the Plant and Microbial Biology Dept. and incorporated five faculty from Microbiology and three from Genetics. Graduate and undergraduate degree programs in plant biology and microbiology have not changed, and information about both can be found under the "Academics" tab. The change in faculty distribution is a result of the realignment between CALS and the new College of Sciences.

Android apps on Google Play! The herbarium is pleased to announce three apps new to Google Play:

The apps facilitate the identification, respectively, of the federally listed rare plants of North Carolina and their congeners, pitcher plants of North Carolina, and Citrus in the United States. The apps were variously developed with support from the North Carolina State University Office of Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development, the US Department of Agriculture, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Clicking on the icons above will redirect to Google Play. More information and web versions may be accessed here.

Congratulations to Prof. Bill Hoffmann, honored as a University Faculty Scholar!


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