Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
ALS    103  Introductory Topics in ALS 1 BIO   183   Introductory  Biology1 4
PB     101   Perspectives on BOtany 1 PB    102  Introduction to Research 1
BIO    181   Introductory Biology1 4 CH    101 General Chemistry I 3
ENG   101   Acad. Writing 4 CH   102 General Chemistry I Lab 1
Humanities/Soc. Sci. Elective2 3 Humanities/Soc. Sci. Elective 3
    Group A, B, or C Elective 3 (4)
Group A, B, or C Elective 3 Physical Education Elective 1
Totals 16   15(16)


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester


PB   250    Plant Biology1 4 PB    492    External Learning Exp. or
CH   220    Introductory/Organic Chemistry or   PB    493    Special Problems in Plant Biologyor 
CH   221   Organic Chemistry I 4 PB    495    Special Top Plant Biologyor
Humanities/Soc. Sci. Elective2 3    
MA   121    Elements of Calc or ALS   498    Honors Res or Teaching I 2
MA    131   Calc Life Manag A or PB     Elective4 3(4)
MA    141   Calculus I5 3(4) Group A, B, or C Electives 6
    Humanities/Soc. Sci. Elective2 3
Totals 14(15) 14(15)


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
GN    411   Princ. Genetics 4 PY    212    College Physics II 4
PY     211   College Physics I 4 PB    Elective4 3(4)
ST     101    Statistics by Example or   Group A, B, or C Elective 3(4)
ST     311    Introduction to Statistics6 3 Writing/Speaking Elective7 3
PB    Elective4 3(4) Free Elective 3
Humanities/Soc. Sci. Elective2 3    
Totals 17(18)   16(18)


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Humanities/Soc. Sci. Electives2 3 Group A, B, or C Elective 9(10)
Group A, B, or C Elective 3(4) Free Electives 3
Free Electives 9 Humanities/Soc. Sci. Elective2 3
Totals 15(16)   15(16)
    Minimum Hours for Graduation 126

Foreign language proficiency at the FL  102 level required for graduation.

1BIO 105 or BIO 125, PB 200, and any 4-hour PB course with a lab may be approved by the Plant BiologyTeaching Coordinator as substitutes for BIO 181, BIO 183, and PB 250.
Two courses from the History and Literature Lists (may be either 2 History courses,  2 Literature courses, or 1 History course and 1 Literature course); One course from the Philosophy, Religion, or Visual and Performing Arts Electives Lists; Two courses from the Psychology, Economics, Politics and Government, Sociology, Anthropology, and Cultural Geography Lists (courses must be selected from different lists); One course from Science, Technology, and Society: Humanities and Social Sciences Perspectives list (not Science and Technology Perspectives list); One course from any of the a
bove-named Lists or from the Advanced Humanities and Social Sciences Lists;  One of the courses elected to fulfill the Humanities and Social Sciences Requirement must focus on a non-English speaking culture, this course may come from the Foreign Language Electives List.
3One credit must be for completion of a 100 level PE Course.
4Required 3 courses from the following, at least one must be 300-400 level:
PB 213, 215, 220, 222, 277, 360 (students encouraged to take 365 concurrently), 370, 400, 403, 405, 414, 421, 480. A 2.0 GP is required in all Plant Biology courses.
5Credit is not allowed in more than one of MA 121, 131, and 141.
6Credit is not allowed for
both ST 101 and ST 311.  Students interested in research are strongly encouraged to take both ST 311 and ST 501 (Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences I).
7One course from either the Advanced Writing Electives List, the Communications/Speech Electives List, or the Foreign Languages Electives List.  ENG 333 (Communication for Science and Research) is strongly recommended.