Plant BiologyCourses
Curriculum Requirements for B.S. in Plant Biology Curriculum Requirements by Semester
(updated June 13, 2003 )

ALS 103 Introductory Topics in ALS


Languages (7credits)
ENG 101 Acad. Writing 4
Writing and Speaking1 3

Humanities and Social Studies (21 credits)2
A.    One course from Literature list.
B.    One course from History or Philosophy or Religion Electives list.
C.    One course from History or Visual and Performing Arts Electives list.

D.    Two courses from the Psychology, Economics, Politics and Government Sociology, Anthropology, and Cultural Geography
Lists (courses must be selected from different lists).
E.   One course from Science, Technology, and Society: Humanities and Social Sciences Perspectives List (not Science and Technology Perspectives list).
F.    One course from any of the above-named Lists or from the Advanced Humanities and Social Sciences Lists.
G.   One of the courses elected to fulfill the Humanities and Social Sciences Requirement must focus on a non-English speaking culture. This course may come from the Foreign Language Electives List.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (51-59 credits)

Group I - Take all courses (34-38 credits).

PB 101 Perspectives on Botany 1
BIO 181, 183

Introductory Biology I & II3

PB 250 Plant Biology 4
CH 101

Chemistry - A Molecular Science

CH 102

Chemistry - A Molecular Sci. Lab

CH 2204

Introductory Organic Chemistry OR

CH 221

Organic Chemistry I

GN 411

Principles of Genetics

PY 211,212

College Physics I & II


Group II - Research or teaching experience in one of the following (3 credits):

PB 492 External Learning Experience  OR
PB 493 Special Problems in Botany  OR
PB 495 Special Topics in Botany  OR
ALS 498 Research or Teaching I 3

Group III - Take one calculus course and one statistics course.  (6-7 credits).

MA 121 Elements of Calculus  OR
MA 131 Calculus for Life & Mgmt Sci A  OR 3
MA 141 Calculus I5 4
ST 101 Statistics by Example  OR
ST 311 Introduction to Statistics6 3

Group IV - Plant Biology Courses  Take 3 courses.  At least one of these courses must be at 300 - or
400-  level.  (9-12 credits)  A 2.0 GP is required in all Plant Biology courses.

PB 213 Plants and Civilization (Spring only) 3
PB 215 Medicinal Plants (Fall only) 3
PB 220 Local Flora 3
PB 222 Kingdom of Fungi (Fall only) 3
PB 277 Space Biology 3
PB 321 Whole Plant Physiology 4
PB 3607 Introduction to Ecology (Fall only) 3
PB 365 Ecology Lab 1
PB 400 Plant Stucture & Diversity 4
PB 403 Systematic Botany 4
PB 405 Wetland Flora (Fall only) 3
PB (Z0) 414 Cell Biology (Spring only) 3
PB 421 Plant Physiology (Fall & Spring) 3
PB 422 Plant Phyiol. Lab 1
PB 445 Paleobotany (Spring only) 4
PB 480 Introductory Plant Biotechnology 3

Special topics or Graduate (for advanced undergraduates only) Plant Biology courses may also be used.


Advised Electives (Selected from Groups A, B, or C)8 18-30
Free Electives 14

Physical Education (2 credits)

One credit must be for completion of a 100 - level PE Course 2
Minimum Hours Required For Graduation 128

Foreign language proficiency at the FL_102 level is required for graduation.

1One Course from either the Advanced Writing Electives List, the Communications/Speech Electives List,
or the Foreign Languages Electives List.  ENG 333 (Communication for Science and Research) is
strongly recommended.

2Electives from lists approved by University Provost.

3BIO 105,106 or BIO 125, PB 200, and any 4-hour PB course with a lab may be approved as
substitutes for BIO 181, BIO 183, and PB 250 by the Plant BiologyTeaching Coordinator.

4CH 220 is a one semester course in the fundamental of organic chemistry; credit is not allowed
for both CH 220 and CH 221.

5Credit is not allowed in more than one of MA 121, 131, and 141.  MA 121 is for students who
only require one semester of calculus; it does not have a second semester sequence.

6Credit is not allowed for both ST 101 and ST 311.  Students interested in research are strongly
encouraged to take both ST 311 and ST 501 (Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences I).

7Students are encouraged to take PB 365 concurrently.

8Adviser will help students select courses that augment their career objectives.