UNDERGRADUATE MINOR IN Plant Biology, Emphasis in Another Major

The Department of Plant Biology offers a Minor in Plant Biology to all baccalaureate students at North Carolina State University in any department except the Plant Biology Department.  As the basic discipline of the plant sciences, Plant Biology involves the study of structure, function, classification, diversity, and interactions of plants.  The program also provides a strong background for research in all aspects of the plant sciences and in plant molecular biology.  

Because we are all dependent on plants, it is imp
ortant to understand and to manage this valuable resource. All students should have the opportunity to discover more about them.  
      This minor is designed to:  
      1. Give students a basic understanding of the structure, function, diversity, classification, and 
      utilization of plants through classroom, la
boratory, and field experiences.  
      2. Provide a strong background in basic plant science to support and complement other 
      disciplines that interact with
Plant Biology .  
      3. Enhance appreciation of plants for students from disciplines unrelated to
Plant Biology.  

Plant Biology minor or emphasis is composed of a minimum of 15 semester hours.  This 
includes one required course and a minimum of 11 hours of elective courses.  A description and a complete list of the courses can be found in the NCSU course catalog.
      Required Course (4 semester hours)  
PB 200 - Plant Life (has lab)  F, S, & Sum
PB 250 - Plant Biology (has lab)  F & S
          Elective Courses (11 semester hours)  
PB 213 - Plants and Civilization (3 hrs) S only  
PB 220 - Local Flora (3 hrs) S  only       
PB 222 - Kingdom of Fungi (3 hrs) F only    
          PB 215 - Medicinal Plants (3 hrs) F only  
          PB 360 - Intro. to Ecology (3 hrs) F, Sum  
          PB 365 - Intro. to Ecology Lab (1 hr) F, Sum  
          PB 400 - Plant Structure & Diversity (when offered, usually Spring)  
          PB 403 - Systematic Plant Biology (4 hrs) F only  
          PB 405 - Wetland Flora (3) F only
          PB 414 - Cell Biology (3 hrs)  S only
          PB 421 - Plant Physiology (4 hrs) F only 
          PB 480 - Plant Biotechnology (3 hrs) F & S  
         One Special Topics Course in Plant Biology may also be used  
          PB 492, 493, or 495 (Maximum of 4 credit hrs.)  
          One graduate course in Plant Biology may be used if different subject than undergraduate 
          courses a

Certification will include completion of the required courses and a minimum of 11 semester hours from the elective courses, with a minimum grade of C for each course.  Courses credited to the minor cannot be taken for "credit only" with the exception that Special Topics or a Graduate course may be taken as credit only.  Transfer credit will be allowed only for the PB 200 requirement.  All of the elective requirements must be completed in residence.  

The Undergraduate Plant Biology Major Advisor will also be the minor or emphasis advisor and 
shall audit, advise, and certify all minors or emphasis in
Plant Biology students.  This advisor is:  
Chad Jordan  2214-A Gardner Hall, Ph. 919-515-2222  
            North Carolina State University
Department of Plant Biology, B
ox 7612  
            Raleigh, NC 27695