Amanita caesaria Ganoderma lucidum


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Ellis and Everhart's "Fungi Columbiani". Collections from Century I (1984) Century XXXVI (1911). This collection consists of several thousand specimens indentified by experts during that time frame.

ATBI (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories). We are the repository for wood decay fungi collected from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park located in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. Specimens of this small collection (~400 specimens) were collected chiefly by members of the North American Mycological Association and verified by Grand and Vernia. Other specimens collected by Grand and Vernia were incorporated into the main herbarium.

Maritime Forest at Nags Head Woods. This collection made from 1996-2001 is the most comprehensive collection of fungi, especially wood decay fungi, from the largest contiguous maritime forest (566.6 ha) in the eastern United States and consists of about 150 specimens.



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