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NC Plant Disease & Insect Clinic 1227 Gardner Hall
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The Plant Disease and Insect Clinic diagnoses plant problems for farmers, growers, landscapers, homeowners, and gardeners. In consultation with expert faculty, we recommend ways to treat or prevent the problems we diagnose.

We work in partnership with your local County Agent or Master Gardener, who can diagnose many common plant disease and insect problems, or help you properly collect and submit a sample to the PDIC if necessary. Click these links to find a North Carolinia County Agent external link and Master Gardenerexternal link near you!

News about diseases and insects, information about current plant problems, and news about upcoming events.



We thank you for the opportunity to serve you in 2014 and wish you a new year full of health for you and your plants in 2015.

Please note with the extremely cold weather, cold can damage samples during transit, masking the original symptoms. An inexpensive polystyrene cooler keeps cold out as well as in and is a good way to ship a sample in cold weather. If you have any doubts about how to get samples here in the best condition, do not hesitiate to call us at 919-515-3619.


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Many exotic pests and diseases threaten plant life in North Carolina. Our state also experiences periodic outbreaks and epidemics of established pests and diseases.

For information about threats to agricultural, horticultural, forest, and landscape plants in the State of North Carolina and beyond, see the links below or click the yellow "see more" link.

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National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) Emerald Ash Borer external link
USDA - APHIS external link Laurel Wilt and Ambrosia Beetles external link

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