the jeffersonians

The Jefferson Scholars
Academic Program

Jefferson Scholars enroll in a double degree program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences [CALS] and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences [CHASS]. Beyond NC State's strong general education foundation in language, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, history, philosophy, and physical education, the Jefferson Scholars Program offers a special curriculum. This curriculum has three main components:
  1. Specially designed courses that satisfy basic degree requirements in a classroom setting devoted to Jefferson Scholars alone. These include
    • Dr. Chad Jordan's PB 219 (Plants in Folklore, Myth and Religion) for first-year students;
    • Dr. Risa Ellovich's ANT 252 (Cultural Anthropology) for second-year students;
    • Dr. William Kimler's HI 481H (History of the Life Sciences) for third-year students.

  2. Choice of two majors tailored to individual student career goals. The full range of CALS majors and CHASS majors are available.

  3. Senior capstone experience through a supervised Independent Study course for fourth-year students, coordinated with the faculty advisors. Each student's research paper explores the scientific and humanistic perspectives on a question of interest to the student. The semester culminates in a presentation of the papers at a symposium for all Jefferson Scholars.


In addition to special classes and the double-major, the Program fosters close contact between students and faculty; opportunities for meeting scientists, scholars, and government officials; and extracurricular activities.

Many Jefferson Scholars also participate in the University Scholars Program or in the University Honors Program. The special courses for Jefferson Scholars count toward the required hours of Scholars classes. Jefferson Scholars have also won NC State Merit Scholarships. It is possible to be both a Jefferson Scholar and a Caldwell Fellow or Park Scholar at the same time.

  Last modified: July 2012