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Web Site On-Line

One of the primary goals of the Office of College Relations has been to develop a comprehensive web page that will bring deserved attention to the activities of College Relations. We are pleased to now have this site up and running and hope that you will take a few minutes to take a trip through the College's showcase. The showcase image will eventually (in better economic times) have even greater meaning. In the coming years the first floor of Patterson Hall will feature state-of-the-art showcases bringing attention to our teaching, research, extension, advancement and administrative activities.

We hope you'll take this opportunity to enjoy the new web site by clicking on the icons. If you return to the College Relations home page, each click will take you to a variety of sources of College pride. The wooden man will present important information regarding key College People. The machinery cogs (not active) will eventually showcase College Projects and Programs. The question mark takes you to our Did You Know? page featuring interesting facts about the College. For some visual fun and the latest in our Food...For Thought! TV marketing click on the stoplight. A second click on the titles will activate our FFT TV commercials. The newspaper opens up this quarterly edition of our College Relations newsletter and a click on the two books will give you interesting insights into a number of the College's patents and inventions. The framed photograph brings up a brief verbal history of CALS. When activated, the microscope will present Science for Life, a look into innovative scientific research. The magazines lead you to web versions of Perspectives and the Food...For Thought! brochure. If you'd like to share your thoughts about the page or make suggestions click on the @ sign. Looking for a bit of history? The tractor opens the door to our agricultural past. The piggy bank offers up the economic impact of agriculture. And finally...the crystal ball (when activated) will present insights into the future of the College. We hope you enjoy the new web site...happy clicking.

First Line Of Defense

In 2002 the Food...For Thought! initiative celebrated the value of food, farming and agriculture in the world since Sept 11 thought a new program called The First Line Of Defense! The message was presented in TV, radio, outdoor advertising and through corporate partners. In the spring of 2002 the TV and radio PSAs, the Wendy's tray liners and NC outdoor billboards (photo/art above) reached an audience that exceeded over 5 million people.

Jim Graham Cookbook

One of the most successful Food...For Thought! initiatives has been the Jim Graham Farm Family Cookbook For City Folks. The book, which is now in it's third printing with more than 10,000 sold, includes recipes submitted by North Carolina farm families. This project is bringing attention to the value of North Carolina commodities and the farmers who produce them. A blue ribbon panel -- headed by an NC State home economist and nutritionist -- made up of representatives from NC Farm Bureau and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service selected the recipes for publication. The book was released in November of 2002 to rave reviews and incredible sales. By March of 2003 it was 14th on SEBA, South Eastern Booksellers Association non-fiction Best Sellers. For more on the Jim Graham Farm Family Cookbook go to:

Windows of Opportunity Unveiled

The Office of Advancement unveiled it's "Windows of Opportunity" fund raising campaign to friends and family of the College at a sit down luncheon on Sunday November 3rd.

An impressive "Windows of Opportunity" video introduced the concept for the CD Rom and web site designed to give potential donors an inside, live-video look into the college and it's many giving opportunities. The CALS "Windows" initiative will be a part of the University's $750,000,000 Breakthrough campaign.

Feel The Strength Of America...Shake The Hand Of A Farmer!
America's Heros....Don't Forget The Farmer!

Food...For Thought For The Future

Two new Food...For Thought! initiatives are on the drawing board for 2003 through 2005. Designed to continue to make public this important message about food, farming and agriculture, the campaigns will--like those that preceded them--include outdoor advertising, radio, TV and print placements.

In the fall of 2003 North Carolina Farm Bureau will unveil Feel The Strength Of America...Shake The Hand Of A Farmer with a cover story in the North Carolina Farm Bureau magazine (circ. 480,000). The following spring the outdoor ad campaign and TV and radio campaign will begin. In the fall 2004 the Food...For Thought's next phase--America's Heros...Don't Forget The Farmer. Various placements of this integrated marketing plan will delivered the following spring.