Endowments and Fundraising Initiatives

Agricultural Institute Alumni Scholarship Endowment

Nina Strömgren Allen Plant Biology Graduate Student Research Award Endowment

J. Lawrence Apple Scholarship

George T. & Marina T. Barthalmus Life Sciences Scholarship Endowment

Allen Beals and Herman Sampson Agricultural Institute Scholarship (established by Reggie Strickland)

Robert W. Bottcher Memorial Biological and Agricultural Engineering Endowment

Lt. Colonel Fred W. and Shirley C. Burt Agricultural Scholarship Endowment

CALS International Programs Endowment for Excellence in Honor of Larry Nelson

John S. Campbell Agricultural Scholarship Endowment

Champions of Freedom Foundation

Chilton Undergraduate Research Endowment

Dr. Eloise S. Cofer Endowments -- Arts NC State, 4-H Development Fund, Family and Consumer Sciences, JC Raulston Arboretum, NC Cooperative Extension Service Foundation, NC State University Libraries

John and Dora Cornwell Scholarship Endowment

Marion and Jane Dilday Scholarship, James and Lois Jeffreys Scholarship, and George and Gladys Spain Scholarship

Eakes-Turner Food Science Scholarship

Gerald H. Elkan Distinguished Lectureship Endowment

Feed Milling Education Initiative

Bill Fike Teaching Garden Endowment

Dr. Peggy Foegeding Memorial Food Science Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Henry W. Garren Memorial Poultry Science Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Elizabeth S. Haas Memorial Research Endowment for Women in Microbiology

The P. Allen Hammer International Floriculture Graduate Endowment

John H. Harris Horticultural Scholarship Endowment

Ernest Hodgson Toxicology Education Endowment

Stephanie Corinne Huffer Memorial Scholarship Endowment

E. Marvin Johnson Poultry Scholarship Endowment

Johnson Nursery Scholarship Endowment

Eugene J. Kamprath Soil Science Scholarship Endowment

Zack and Mary Ladd Scholarship Endowment

Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment

Richard Liles Leadership Seminar Fund

Charles and Brenda Evans Lytle Biological Sciences Endowment

Paul Elam McCarthy Memorial Scholarship Endowment (and golf tournament)

Roger L. McCraw Animal Science Scholarship Endowment

Wendell H. McKenzie Genetics Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment

Judy Mock Family and Consumer Sciences Internship

Thomas J. and Virginia S. Monaco Horticultural Science Graduate Fellowship Endowment

NCAN Research and Extension Endowment

NC Blueberry Council Research and Extension Endowment

North Carolina Family and Consumer Sciences Foundation

Carm Parkhurst Poultry Science Teaching Endowment

Dr. Leo W. Parks Lectureship in Microbial Physiology

Kim Powell Horticultural Science and Landscape Architecture Scholarship Endowment

Thomas L. Quay Wildlife and Natural Resources Experiential Learning Award (Pledge Form)

Dr. John G. Richardson International Study Experience Award Endowment

Randy Rose Memorial Habitat Garden Endowment

Douglas C. and Ellen J. Sanders Horticultural Research Endowment

Joseph Neal Sasser Lecture Endowment

Rigdon "Bob" Smith Agricultural Scholarship Endowment

Larry M. and Rita P. Sykes Scholarship Endowment

Frank and Rachel Thomas Scholarship Endowment (Pledge Form)

Thomas Jefferson Scholars Alumni Endowment Honoring Gerald Elkan and John Riddle

Dr. Nadine Tope Family and Consumer Sciences Program Development Endowment

Lynn and Beth Turner Student Leaders Scholarship Endowment (for Agri-Life Council and Ag Institute Leadership)

Bob Usry-Agribusiness/NAMA Club Scholarship Endowment

Neil and Nancy Webb Memorial Food Science Scholarship Endowment

Weed Science Society of North Carolina Endowment

Earl Wernsman Seminar Endowment

Bobby Wilder -- JC Raulston Arboretum Endowments

You may print Gift Intention Forms for these endowments and initiatives if you wish to make contributions (just click on the name). If you are interested in learning about ways of supporting the College, please call us at 919-515-2000.