Dr. Roy A. Larson

The Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment

Professor Roy A. Larson retired in August 1996 from the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University with 35 years of service. During his career, he:

  • Conducted poinsettia research for 46 years.
  • Published over 40 research articles on azaleas, chrysanthemums, plant growth regulators and horticultural substrates.
  • Published in over 120 magazine articles, three books and 12 book chapters.
  • Directed 20 graduate student programs, taught 60 courses and advised over 1,000 students. His former students are employed in over 20 states and three foreign countries in positions ranging from growers, university professors and floricultural sales personnel to the editor of a national trade magazine.
  • Of course, everyone will remember Roy for his collection of over 750 ties!

Roy’s dedication to teaching also included a deep concern over the future of floriculture: where will tomorrow’s growers, educators and researchers come from? Involving and rewarding our brightest and best in the field of floriculture is paramount to a sound future for our industry.

North Carolina State University in conjunction with the North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers’ Association -- with the support of Roy's family, colleagues and friends -- established the Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment to help assure the future of the floriculture industry in North Carolina and the entire U.S.

Scholarship Program

Awards from this endowment are given annually to one or more undergraduate or graduate students within the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University. The selection of recipients is based on scholarship, leadership, character and potential for service to the field of floriculture. The goal of this program is to teach, reward and encourage students who have a high degree of interest in and commitment to floriculture.

How can you help?

You may make a donation to the Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment in a variety of ways: with a pledge; by making an outright gift of cash, stock or other appreciated property; or through a trust or annuity agreement or bequest.

Your contribution to the Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment will make a difference…to undergraduate students wanting to pursue a career in floriculture who are struggling to make ends meet…and to graduate students with their potential to influence and design the future of floriculture. Your gift thanks Roy for all his contributions to our industry; it says you care deeply about the future of floriculture and the young people who will be the advocates for these interests far into the future.

To make a tax deductible contribution toward this endowment, please complete the appropriate Gift Intention Form and mail it to the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, NC State University Box 7645, Raleigh, NC, 27695.

Gift Intention Form

If you have any questions or require additional information, please call Chris Wessel at 919-515-7678.