Tobacco Education and Research Council, Inc. (TERC)
Proposal Guidelines
Applications must be received by our office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 26, 2009.
Funds will be available beginning on January 1, 2010.

The Tobacco Education and Research Council, Inc. (TERC) seeks proposals that provide support and benefit to the largest number of Flue-cured and Burley tobacco growers in the following areas:  improved leaf quality; improved competitiveness in a global market; reduction of tobacco specific nitrosamines and/or suspected harmful substances in tobacco leaf.

Proposals from faculty with tobacco responsibilities at all seven land-grant universities with tobacco research programs will be accepted.  Project proposals that involve more than one land-grant university and more than one discipline are encouraged.  The following subjects are of interest to TERC.  However, funding is NOT guaranteed for any of these subjects of interest.  Please note that proposals are not limited to these program areas:

  • Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
  • Blackshank
  • Granville Wilt              
  • North America Blue Mold Warning System
  • Pesticide Residues
  • Affordable, Efficient Burley Harvest Mechanization being Incorporated with Existing Harvest Practices and Curing Barns
  • Flue-Cured Energy Conservation to include curing with wood fuel
  • Alternative Burley Curing Barns using Conventional Harvest Practices
  • Flue-Cured Cut Strip Leaf
  • Tobacco Literature Service at NCSU for tobacco faculty at all universities to publish their tobacco research
  • Economics of Production to include Production and Marketing Data
  • Development of multi-state tobacco publications
  • Extension agents to attend the January 2008 Tobacco Workers’ Conference in Georgia

General Criteria:

  • Proposals may be for projects that last up to three years to make it possible to employ Ph.D.–level graduate students and to encourage obtaining results for growers, a thesis, and development of professionals with training in tobacco.
  • Projects may be funded by percentages (performance based)
    Periodic reports on project funded to determine when project is completed
  • No overhead will be paid to any university
  • No faculty salaries will be paid as a part of the proposal

Complete all sections of this application and send an original plus seven (7) copies to the NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc., Box 7645, NC State, Raleigh NC  27695-7645.  Physical address:  512 Brickhaven Drive, Room 136, Raleigh NC  27606. Proposals must be typed using 12 pt. font with margins no smaller than one inch.  Do not fold, bind or staple your proposal.  You may use a presentation folder or envelope to keep it organized.  Please contact Kathy Kennel, Executive Director of the NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc., at 919-515-9259 or kathy_kennel@ncsu.edu if you have any questions.