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Cooperative Extension Photo Contest

Extension Photo Contest Rules [PDF]
Photo Contest Entry Form [DOC]
Photo Contest Entry Form [PDF]
The Department of Communications Services is pleased to announce the first Cooperative Extension Photo Contest. Over the past year, Communication Services photographers have been taking photos of Extension activities around the state. But with only two staff photographers, we can’t cover everything. This is your opportunity to contribute to that effort and be recognized for your creativity and photographic talents. Winning entries will be displayed at the 2007 Extension Conference and added to the Communication Services On-Line Image Gallery.

If this initial effort is successful, we hope to make this an annual or biannual event. This year’s overall theme is People Helping People Put Knowledge to Work. Here are the categories:

  • Agriculture & Food

  • Community

  • Environment

  • Forest Resources

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Home & Family

  • Lawn & Garden

  • Youth & 4-H

  • This exhibit is open to (and only to) all North Carolina Cooperative Extension Employees (Agents, Program Assistants, Secretaries, Specialists, etc.) except for Extension employees in the Department of Communication Services.

  • All photos entered must have been taken within the past three years by the Extension Employee who enters the photo.

  • Each entrant may submit up to two photos in each of the categories.

  • The same image may be entered in more than one category (if it applies to each category). Separate copies of that image are provided for each category.

  • SEPARATE and COMPLETED entry forms must accompany EACH individual photo entered. If entering in more than one category, then submit a separate form for EACH category entered. DO NOT use just one form for multiple photos, even if the same person is submitting them.

  • Photos may be in color OR black-and-white. Any size 8x10 inches or smaller will be accepted.

  • Entry prints may be made from negatives, slides, or digital media.
    Original image media MUST accompany all prints!

    The following rules apply:

    • Digital Media
      Images made from digital media MUST include a print of that image AND a copy of the high resolution digital file on a disk, CD or DVD. Images should be at least three megapixels.

    • Negatives
      Images made from a negative MUST include the original negative AND a photographic print from it. Do NOT cut negative strips into single frames and do NOT use paper clips directly on negatives!

    • Slides
      Images made from a slide do not require a print of that slide, but it is easier for judging purposes if a print is provided. However, the original slide MUST be submitted. 

  • DO NOT submit photos in frames.
    Matte board is allowed, but loose prints are preferred. If you use a matte, it must be no larger than 8x10 inches in size.

  • The name and county of the Extension employee submitting entries must be printed on the back of each print. Original media (negatives, slides, or CDs) should be placed in a protective envelope or sleeve labeled with the employee’s name and county.

  • All entries must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2007.
    Entries postmarked later than this date will NOT be accepted. This deadline allows for the sorting, judging and processing of the many photos we receive so that the exhibit may be constructed and the Web site updated in time for the State Extension Conference. Please take notice of the above postmark date requirement!

Judging for the NC 4-H Congress Photo Contest is performed by members of the Department of Communication Services in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University. This department is staffed by professionals in the field of communications who are accustomed to creating and/or using photographic images as part of their own work. Below is a list of the criteria the judges use when choosing the winners of this contest.

We hope the judging criteria provided here will assist participants in understanding what the judges will be looking for in the photos. Likewise, we expect that individual participants will prepare for the competition through study of photographic styles and techniques in books, magazines and Internet research. One suggested resource is's "Taking Great Pictures" site at:

These are the criteria that will guide the judges in deciding which photos are worthy of ribbons:

  • Relevancy to Category Topic - Is the photo an obvious illustration of the category in which it is entered? If the picture doesn’t tell us, does the information on the entry form make it clear how the subject fits the category?

  • Composition / Arrangement - Are the objects in the photo arranged in a meaningful, pleasing manner or are they haphazard? Did the photographer use the best angle or otherwise interesting perspective?

  • Focus / Sharpness - Is the object of the photo in focus? If not in sharp focus, does it appear to be an intentional effect to enhance the image in some artistic way?

  • Lighting - Did the photographer use proper lighting of the subject matter? Do any extremes of darkness or brightness lend to or detract from the image content?

  • Creativity - Does the photographer show some creative thought or original idea in the making of this image? Is the subject something unusual or is the content of the photo presented in a way we haven’t seen before?

Using these guidelines, along with their own knowledge of photography, the judges may award ribbons and cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as Honorable Mention for each of the categories depending on the quality and number of entries.

1st Place - $50
2nd Place - $30
3rd Place - $20
Honorable Mention - $10

Please remember to postmark your entries NO LATER THAN March 1, 2007.

If you have any questions about the Extension Photo Contest, please contact Mark Dearmon (919-513-3114; We’re looking forward to great group of photographs to judge for the 2007 contest!

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