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NCSU labs to be ‘transformational’ for students, farms, economy

Soybeans are among the many crops to be studied through the Plant Sciences Initiative.

With global population swelling and farm acreage shrinking, agriculture faces enormous challenges to feed and clothe the human race in coming decades. Increasingly, the answers to those challenges will be found in laboratories. And NC State University aims to revolutionize modern agriculture for both North Carolina and the world with its Plant Sciences Initiative. Find out more from the Higher Education Works Foundation's website.

You decide: Will the economy improve in 2016?

This is the time of year when economists shine – or at least they try to. The early weeks of a new year are always the period when College of Agriculture and Life Sciences economist Mike Walden receives the largest number of speaking requests. "Even if people know my colleagues and I have cloudy – some say foggy with hot air (!) – crystal balls, they still want to know what we’re thinking about the future," he writes in his latest You Decide column.

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