Sightings / bonus points


This aspect of the lab is designed to encourage students to become aware of the local avifauna outside of scheduled lab time. We want you to look for birds on your own. As an incentive, you can earn bonus points for additions to this list of bird sightings.

Rules for receiving bonus points

A point will be awarded to the first person(s) who submits a sighting of a new, free ranging, nondomestic, native or naturalized species outside of lab time (hearing a new species also counts). All submissions for a new species received before the sighting is posted will recieve credit. Students are allowed only one submission per day, and the submission must be made within 24 hours of the observation. If your sighting is a "rare" species or a species not normally seen at that time of year, you must also submit a photograph or have your sighting confirmed by a second independent observer. Each student can earn a maximum of two points per week (weeks restart on Monday) for sightings.

In addition, three points will be awarded to the first person to find the first active nest for each species (identified by eggs, chicks, prolonged incubation on nest, or by observing adults bringing food to nest).

A maximum of 25 points total can be accumulated for Sightings and Question of the Week answers for each student.

Sighting Form

Use the form below to submit sightings.

Your Name: Species: Location: Date: Sighting or Nest: Comments:

Species List

  Species Location Date Sighting or nest Comments Observer(s)
1 European Starling Cup a Joe 1/06 sighting What a voice Ted Simons
2 Dark-eyed Junco The U Raleigh 1/07 sighting   Amber Bledsoe
3 Northern Cardinal (male) My bird feeder 1/08 sighting Very hungry bird! Madi McDiarmid
4 Horned Grebe Harris Lake 1/08 sighting   Lucas Bobay
5 Northern Mockingbird Court of Carolina 1/08 sighting   Kathryn Nilsson
6 Mourning Dove My bird feeder 1/08 sighting Many doves grouped together Lanette Phillips
7 Red-tailed Hawk Ouside West Deck 1/08 sighting   Sarah DeNoble
8 Blue Jay ES King Village 1/09 sighting   Ana Rivera
9 American Crow outside my apartment 1/09 sighting 3 of them seen from my bedroom window Jens Kosch
10 Eastern Bluebird Outside my Townhouse 1/09 sighting   Kathryn Nilsson
11 Eastern Tufted Titmouse My bird feeder 1/09 sighting Such cute birds Madi McDiarmid
12 Muscovy Duck Lake Lynn 1/09 sighting   Khai Button
13 Great Blue Heron Lake Johnson 1/09 sighting   Amber Bledsoe
14 American Robin Talley 1/10 sighting   Michelina Aita
15 Red-headed Woodpecker My bird feeder 1/10 sighting   Lanette Philips
16 Canada Goose Vet School Campus 1/11 sighting   Megan King
17 Red-bellied Woodpecker In a tree between Alexander Hall and Turlington Hall 1/11 sighting Beautiful bird! The red patch on its head caught my eye! Frankie Fann
18 Downy Woodpecker A tree outside my apartment 1/11 sighting Busy looking for insects Madi McDiarmid
19 Carolina Chickadee Court of Carolina 1/11 sighting   Michelina Aita
20 American Goldfinch The U Raleigh 1/11 sighting   Amber Bledsoe
21 Carolina Wren My bird feeder 1/12 sighting   Lanette Phillips
22 Song Sparrow Talley 1/13 sighting   Michelina Aita
23 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker tree outside my house 1/13 sighting   Megan King
24 Hooded Merganser Lake Crabtree 1/13 sighting   Lucas Bobay
25 Chipping Sparrow Downstairs neighbor's bushes 1/14 sighting Hopping around on the ground looking for food Madi McDiarmid
26 Red-shouldered Hawk Mom's house on the playset 1/15 sighting   Kathryn Nilsson
27 Bald Eagle Lake Raleigh 1/15 sighting Perched in a tree overlooking the lake Lanette Phillips
28 Turkey Vulture My house 1/18 sighting Gliding overhead Megan King
29 Northern Shoveler Lake Crabtree 1/18 sighting   Lucas Bobay
30 Cooper's Hawk Flying over 440-West 1/19 sighting   Frankie Fann
31 White-breasted Nuthatch Campus, Nelson Hall 1/20 sighting   Kristen Lewey
32 Eastern Towhee My bird feeder 1/20 sighting   Madi McDiarmid
33 House Finch My bird feeder 1/20 sighting   Megan King
34 Lesser Scaup Lake Crabtree 1/20 sighting   Lucas Bobay
35 House Wren NCSU campus 1/21 sighting calling loudly on someone's car Kathryn Nilsson
36 White-throated Sparrow Rocky Branch Trail 1/23 sighting 9 or 10 grouped together Ana Rivera
37 Brown Thrasher Front Yard 1/24 sighting   Colleen Grant
38 Ring-billed Gull Belk parking lot in Smithfield, NC 1/24 sighting Dozens being fed by a man in a jeep Lanette Phillips
39 Pine Warbler Outside my townhouse 1/25 sighting   Kathryn Nilsson
40 American Pipit Lake Crabtree 1/27 sighting   Lucas Bobay
41 Yellow-rumped Warbler In a tree walking towards DH Hill 1/29 sighting   Kathryn Nilsson
42 Pileated Woodpecker Sanford, NC 1/30 sighting It was flying over a road and a horse pasture April Boggs
43 Brown-headed Nuthatch My house 1/31 sighting   Emily Bruff
44 Mountain Plover South Core Banks, NC 1/31 sighting First state record, first found earlier this week. More: Lucas Bobay
45 Killdeer NCSU Equine Unit 2/1 sighting It looked like several may have been startled by a hawk April Boggs
46 Eastern Bluebird In a tree hole where I walk my dogs 2/1 sighting   Kathryn Nilsson
47 Nashville Warbler Lake Crabtree 2/3 sighting Found this bird a few weeks ago, saw it again today. Very rare in winter Lucas Bobay
48 Eastern Screech Owl Campus Edge 2/3 sighting Hooting in the trees behind my apartment (it woke me up) Madi McDiarmid
49 Black Vulture Field off of Hwy 42 near Sheetz 2/5 sighting   Lanette Phillips
50 Northern Flicker neighbor's yard 2/6 sighting   Lanette Phillips
51 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Lake Johnson 2/6 sighting It was so tiny! It was much easier to see the ruby color on its head because it stayed in a tree within 10ft of myself and a friend and almost hovered at times April Boggs
52 Hairy Woodpecker Conifer tree behind my apartment 2/9 sighting   Ana Rivera
53 Purple Finch my bird feeder 2/11 sighting At first I thought it was a house finch, but his head, breast, and back have such vibrant red/magenta with darker wings! Very pretty Madi McDiarmid