Meineke, Emily

Steve Frank

Gardner Hall

Degree Sought: 

Emily Meineke is a PhD student under Dr. Steven Frank

Emily grew up in Pitt County, NC with her parents and 3 brothers.She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2008 with a BS in Environmental Science. After school, Emily traveled across Southeast Asia and the U.S. for fun and fieldwork. She also served an Americorps term as a trail worker in northern Montana.  She has been a graduate teaching assistant for ENT163 (Turf & Ornamental Insects).


Emily is a Ph.D. candidate with Dr. Steve Frank working with scale insects, one of the most ubiquitous and cryptic insect groups on urban plants. Emily studies how scale insects take advantage of urban heat created by people. She interested more generally in how urban heat islands and other anthropogenic factors shape city ecosystems, especially with regard to plant-insect interactions, symbioses, and predation of pestiferous herbivores. Emily is also very interested in K-12 insect education and in learning how to reach out to teenagers and young adults about the discovery process.

Future Goals:

Emily wants to become faculty at a university where her research program will maintain a strong connection with youth science education, urban planning, and citizen science outreach


Awards received: