Never before have so many new and old farm family recipes been   published. The book's more than 500 recipes will open the oven on down-home Southern cookin' -- appetizers, salads, breads, vegetables, entrees, and desserts like your great-grandma used to make.

Proceeds from the sale of Jim Graham's Farm Family Cookbook for City Folks go to the James A. Graham Scholars Endowment at NC State University. 

Jim Graham's Farm Family Cookbook For City Folks  are sold at various Southern States stores in North Carolina and Danville, VA.  

    Here's one that will get your readers' motors running!

Richard Petty and Jim Graham start the race to buy the new Jim Graham
Farm Family Cookbook For City Folks. The cookbook features more than 
530 original farm family recipes, and the proceeds will support Jim Graham
Scholars in NC State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. 


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