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Research Associate, NCSU-NSCORT Department of Botany, N.C. State University

Research Interests:

Functional properties of plant membrane transport proteins (ion channels, carriers and pumps) and their role in signal transduction and nutrition; calcium and pH homeostasis.

Teaching Interests:

Involvement in teaching graduate level courses on membrane transport and signal transduction (University of York, UK; NCSU); NSCORT teacher training workshop; training and supervision of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students.

Selected Publications:

Johannes, E. & Felle, H. (1987) Implications for cytoplasmic pH, proton motive force, and amino-acid transport across the plasmalemma of Riccia fluitans. Planta 172: 53-59.

Johannes, E. & Felle, H. (1990) Proton gradient across the tonoplast of Riccia fluitans as a result of the joint action of two electroenzymes. Plant Physiol. 93: 412-417.

Johannes, E.
, Brosnan, J. M. & Sanders, D. (1992) Parallel pathways for intracellular Ca2+ release from the vacuole of higher plants. Plant J. 2: 97-102.

Johannes, E. & Sanders, D. (1995) Lumenal calcium modulates unitary conductance and gating of a plant vacuolar calcium-release channel. J. Membr. Biol. 146: 211-224.

Johannes, E., Crofts, A. & Sanders, D. (1998) Control of Cl- efflux in Chara chorallina by cytosolic pH, free Ca2+, and phosphorylation indicates a role of plasma membrane anion channels in cytoplasmic pH regulation. Plant Physiol. 118:173-181.

Moyen, C., Hammock-Kosack, K.E., Jones J., Knight, M. & Johannes, E. (1998) Systemin triggers an increase of cytoplasmic calcium in tomato mesophyll cells: Ca2+ mobilization from intra-and extracellular compartments. Plant Cell Environ. 21:1101-1111.

Education & Experience:

Independent BBSRC (Biological and Biotechnological Sciences Research Council) Research Fellow at the University of York, UK (1992-1997)
Dr. rer. nat., University of Giessen, Germany, 1989
Biology Diploma - University of Giessen, Germany, 1985

Contact Details:

Telephone: (919) 515 3525
Fax: (919) 515 3436


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