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2000 Symposium
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Each year, a symposium on "Calcium and Gravitational Biology" is sponsored by the NCSU NSCORT.

The program includes invited speakers and poster sessions. All invited speakers are listed below, with links to their homepages.

The NSCORT also sponsored visiting speakers throughout the year, and details of these seminars are included.

2000 NSCORT Symposium

Alistair Hetherington

University of Lancaster, U.K.

"Using the guard cell as a model to investigate the control of specificity in calcium based signalling systems."

Heribert Hirt

University of Vienna, Austria

"Integroms: Isolation and study of a new family of proteins that integrate multiple pathways to activate MAP kinase cascades."

Robert Ferl

University of Florida

"Gene expression as a measure of altered signalling in spaceflight environments."

Andrew Staehelin

University of Colorado

"Modeling cells at 6nm resolution - the new frontier of structural cell biology."

Rainer Hedrich

University of Wurzburg

"'Plant cells in action."

Pamela Green

Michigan State University

"Genetic determinants of mRNA stability in Arabidopsis."


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NSCORT Symposium

Alice Harmon

University of Florida

"Calcium-dependent protein kinases - What do they really do?"

Albert Banes

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

"Mechanical load effects on cell-cell communication in connective tissue cells."

Carolyn Larabell

University of California-Berkeley

"The cytoskeleton, Wnt signaling and early development."

Stan Roux

University of Texas

"Cellular and molecular analyses of gravity-directed developmental polarity in a single cell of the fern Ceratopteris richardii."

Dieter Soll

Yale University

"Genomics and the diversity of translational components."


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NSCORT Symposium

Sarah Assmann

Pennsylvania State University

"The regulation of guard cell K+ fluxes by ABA and calcium."

Bjorn Drobak

John Innes Institute, UK

"From Plasma membrane to the nucleus: Calcium and phospoinostitide signaling."

James Putney

NIEHS, Research Triangle Park

"Coordination of intracellular calcium release and calcium entry across the plant membrane."

Karl Hasenstein

University of Southwestern Louisiana

"Magnetophoresis and the cytoskeleton: Studies of two aspects of plant gravitropism."

Jen Sheen

Harvard Medical School

"Signalling pathways mediated by Calcium-dependent protein kinases."

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Joint Meeting of the NCSU and Rice NSCORTs & the NASA/NSF Network for Research on Plant Sensory Systems,
Kennedy Space Center, Fl., 1997

Mike Evans, Ohio State University
Joe Kieber, University of Illinois
George Karlin-Neumann, Stanford University

"Molecular and Physiological Characterization of the Distal Elongation Zone in Roots."

Gloria Muday

Wake Forest University

"Connections between Auxin Transport, the Actin Cytoskeleton, and gravity response."

Mike Evans

Ohio State University

"The NASA.NSF Signal Transduction Network."

Eric Davies

North Carolina State University

"The NSCORT in Gravitational Biology at N.C. State University."

1997 Sponsored Seminars

Peter Kaufman

University of Michigan

"Mechanisms by which plants respond to gravity."

Greg Law

The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, U.K.

"Microinjection and optical imaging of G-protein activity and secretion in mast cells."

Eva Johannes

University of York, U.K.

"Role of Ca2+ permeable channels in plant signal transduction."

Rosemary White

Monash University, Australia

"Cell-to-cell communication in plants: Role of the cytoskeleton in structure and function of plasmodesmata."

Simon Gilroy

Pennsylvania State University

"Calcium and hormone signaling in plants."

Mary Musgrave

Louisiana State University

"Reproductive development of Arabidopsis thaliana in space."

Chris Staiger

Purdue University

"Regulation of actin organization in plants."

Andrew Schuerger

Dynamac Coorporation, Kennedy Space Center

"Concepts in plant pathology: Implications for the search for extraterrestrial microbial life forms in the solar system."

Richard Cyr

Pennsylvania State University

"Control of microtubule development in plants."

Dale Sanders

University of York, U.K.

"Calcium channels and calcium signaling in higher plants and yeast."


1996 NSCORT Symposium

Peter Hepler

University of Massachusetts

"Pollen Tube Growth: Calcium and the Cytoskeleton."

Tony Trewavas

University of Edinburgh

"'Targeting and Imaging of Transgenic Plants for Cell Calcium Measurement."

Janet Braam

Rice University

"Regulation of Expression and Funcations of XET and Calmodulin-Related TCH Genes of Arabidopsis."

Roger Hangarter

Indiana University

"Phytochrome Regulation of Gravitropism:Integration of Environmental Sensory Systems."

Jim Haseloff

Medical Research Council, Cambridge, UK

"Imaging Living Cells with Mutant Green Fluorescent Protein."

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1996 Sponsored Seminars

Patricia Comacho

University of Virginia

"Control of intracellular Ca 2+ release by the luminal Ca 2+ binding protein, calreticulin."

Iain Baike

The Robert Gordon University, U.K.

"A novel scanning Bio-Kelvin probe: Introductory measurements of photo and geo-potentials on corn coleoptiles."

Valerie Legue

University of Paris, France

"Changes in calcium upon gravistimulation of plants."

Reiko Nagai

Osaka Japan University

"Stationary organization of the actin cytoskeleton in Vallisneria mesophyll cells."


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