Plant Parasitic



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Last Edited: May 30, 2002


Genus Criconemella

Ring Nematode

Most important species: C.xenoplax and C.ornata

  • wide host range and distribution (turf, peanut, peach, walnut, grapes)
  • coarsely striated cuticle atypical movement; crawling rather than sinusoidal
  • sedentary ectoparasite - feeds anywhere along root for long periods
  • long stylet inserted into subcortical and cortical tissue with little disturbance
  • slight feeding cell modifications (callose deposition, increased # of ribosomes, cytoplasmic reticulum, and plasmodesmata)
  • feed from one cell up to 5 days!!!
  • considered a weak ectoparasite, causing little damage unless in present in very high numbers

Here is a picture of C.xenoplax