Plant Parasitic



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Genus Trichodorus

Stubby Root Nematodes

Most important species: P. minor and T. similis

  • worldwide host range and distribution (corn, clover, potato, other vegetable crops)
  • short, cigar shaped body
  • feeding stops root growth resulting in stubby roots
  • vector viruses (corky ringspot virus of potato)
  • symptoms include severe stunting, nutrient and water stress, plant death
  • (1951) Christie and Perry demonstrated first pathogenicity by ectoparasitic plant nematodes
  • prefer sandy well drained soils
  • vertical distribution seems to follow water table fluctuations
  • often the first nematodes to appear after nematicide treatments
  • males are common in 60% of species suggesting amphimixis
  • root growth stopped by disruption mitosis in apical meristems of roots

Damage in field (above) and corn roots (below).