Plant Parasitic



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Last Edited: May 30, 2002


Genus Xiphinema

Dagger Nematode

Most important species: X. index

  • Major hosts: woody plants, tree fruits, soybean, corn, and some cereals
  • sedentary ectoparasite feeds at or near root tips, may cause slight galling and necrosis
  • X. index is a problem on grapes and also vectors grapevine fanleaf (GVFL) virus
  • large nematode, long stylet, feeds deeply
  • very long life cycle: several months to 2 years
  • causes "giant cells and galls" like RKN, and necrosis
  • giant cells caused by karyokinesis without cytokinesis yeilding mutinucleate cells
  • cessation of root growth caused by less than 12 hrs of feeding
  • root swelling may continue after feeding has stopped

University of Nebraska-Lincon's page on X.americanum