Plant Parasitic



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Last Edited: May 30, 2002


Genus Aphelenchoides

The Foliar Nematode

Important species:

A. fragariae - "Spring Crimp" of strawberry, ferns, begonias (250 hosts)

A. ritzembosi - compositae such as chrysanthemum, strawberry and many others

A. besseyi - warmer climates: "summer crimp" of strawberry and "white tip" disease of rice

  • endoparasite of foliar tissue and buds
  • serious economic threat to ornamental plant production
  • short life cycle (2 weeks), many generations overwinter in infested foliage
  • generally do not infest soil
  • climbs shoots in film of water and enters through stomates
  • common symptom is leaf blotches, infected leaves turn brown then black
  • interveinal necrosis can cause extensive defoliation, poor plant growth
  • short life cycle (2 weeks) leading to high soil numbers
  • overwinter in decomposing leaf tissue
  • known to vector Corynebacterium causing "strawberry-cauliflower" disease

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