Plant Parasitic



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Genus Naccobus

False Root-Knot Nematode

Most important species: N. aberrans

  • generally not economical important
  • main crop damage on potatoes in South America
  • wide host range including, crucifers, chenopods, cucurbits, solanaceous and leguminous plants
  • forms galls on roots giving it the name "false root-knot"
  • reproduction by parthenogenesis

Life Cycle

  1. J2 penetrates, but does not form galls
  2. nematodes feed on cortical tissue causing necrosis and molt to J3 & J4
  3. immature females may migrate to new roots and induce syncytium formation and galling
  4. females may lay eggs in a gelatinous matrix outside the root surface

Total cycle time varies from 35-90 days.