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Last Edited: May 30, 2002


Genus Radopholus

The Burrowing Nematode

  • 31 species; 2 economically important (R. citrophilis, R. similis)
  • causes "spreading decline" of citrus / "toppling" disease of banana, and "pepper yellows" in black pepper
  • causes citrus yield reduction in Florida (up to 40-80% per grove)
  • quarantine procedures have prevented spread (no damage in California)
  • can feed at depths of 10-12 feet
  • all stages are infective
  • reproduction by parthenogenesis with reports of facultative amphimixis
  • very prolific root colonization (2,500/inch of sugarcane roots)
  • can migrate from tree to tree through root grafts affected trees have little new growth, foliage loss, smaller fruit
  • intracellular migration leaves cavities in parenchyma tissue of cortex and stele
  • lesions appear on roots after 5-6 days turning brown and cracked in 15-20 days
  • some control provided by chemical and fallow barriers

UNL description of quarantine status.